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does this bfp count !(updated with bad news) up dated AGAIN

we have been trying for a baby for over a year and was due my af on friday it still hasnt arrived i woke at 5.11am this morning and done a cheap ebay test and got a bfp i went to bed all excited and couldnt believe it so i done another one at around six and there was an extremly faint positive line ... am i pregnant when should i do a clear blue ???

Help girls before i explode lol x

as most of u are aware i was informed last sat the 5th of sept i had miscarried and was sent home..on tuesday nite i collapsed and was admitted to hosp with suspected etopic pregnancy i was discharged this morning to be told it mite not be etopic but early pregnancy complications !!!!!!

ive been giving blood every 48 hrs so they can check my hcg levels wich are rising but not quiet doubling.... they cant scan me again until friday when i am meant to be 7 weeks as any more internals can bring on miscarriage they can see the pregnancy sac not sure if its in uterus or tubes bit of a waiting game now so keep me in ur thoughts and prayers please xxxxxx

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  • ohhhhhhhhh - i dont understand all the abbreviations - BFP? AF?

    Am i the most stupidest person on here? guessing u might be preggars - WOOP xx
  • Any positive is a positive. If there is any line at all, there is pregnancy hormone present which can only mean you are pregnant - CONGRATULATIONS!!!! (unless you are on certain fertility meds but you'd already know about that if you were).

    What is more, the cheap ebay tests are much less sensitive than clearblue so they won't show a line until later (more concentrated pregnancy hormone).

    You don't actually need to do a clearblue, you already have your confirmation. But if you want to do one anyway (I did 8 clearblues in total!!) then do it tomorrow morning, first wee of the day. xx
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    lol mrs hannan2be bfp means big fat positive and af means aunt flow (period) xx
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    thanks meg 4 thats just what i wanted to here xxxx
  • ha ha - i'm no good with all these abreviations. Can just about work out what LOL means!!!

    just go and grab a few clear blue's and have a quick piddle on it and let us all know.

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    ill do it 1st thing in the morn and use will be the 1st to know x
  • My BFP was extremely faint to begin with - had to hold it up to the light to see it hehe. It got darker each day. Congratulations lovey! You are up the duff missus hehe xx
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    oh stop mrs s i cant cope lol....i got a clear bluedigital there and will do it 1st thing then i might believe it lol xxx

    are tummy cramps as if af coming normal ???
  • Hi Mrsrossy,

    This is so weird as you sound exactly the same as me, we have been trying for over a year and my AF was due last friday also, i had a slight bleed but only on one toilet visit in the early hours of saturday morning then it disappeared.

    After asking some advice on here i did a clearblue test on monday morning before going to work and there it was BFP!!!!!!!

    We are going to Drs tomorrow to get it confirmed, we are so excited!

    I have had tummy cramps like AF is on her way also, i was saying to my friend on friday "looks like another month to wait" as i was sure thats what they were!

    Congratulations on your news, we'll be due at the same time!

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    i am mrs williams congrats !!!... ill not believe it until i see it lol i have wanted it for so long that i need it in writing lol xx
  • I was exactly the same hence having the clearblue digital test in the house as i only thought i would believe seeing the words in front of me!! We have been trying ever since our wedding last july and i thought it was never going to happen, we are both so excited, i'm going to do another test tomorrow to take to the Drs with us!

    Congratulations again

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    no way we got married in july also the 19th lol !!! this is freaky !!!!
  • we were a week before you on the 12th!! this is freaky!
  • Yay to you!!! Cramps are normal...I had cramps as though I was getting my AF then a small bleed on day it was due and then now 6 weeks preggers!! Keep us posted!!! xxx
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    i am mrs williams this is all a it weird lol.ill be sure to let u all know 2 mo what happens xxxx
  • Ive been getting tummy cramps, i think they're normal. You should come join us in Babyexpert, its the sister site to YouandYourwedding - Im Pumpkin.Pie over there xx
  • mrsossy? Did you get your clearblue BFP? I really, really, really hope so xxxxxxxxxx
  • mrsossymrsossy Posts: 241
    yes meg4 i got a bfp yipeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so excited but afraid of something going wrong as well xxx
  • I'm soooooo happy for you!!

    And I'm sorry to break it to you but you will be afraid of something going wrong forever now. I'm 8 weeks tomorrow and worry all the time. Even once I'm 12 weeks I'll still worry that something could go wrong. Once it's born it'll still be so helpless. Then it will grow up and I won't be able to protect it all the time anymore. It'll all be worth it though. Life is absolutely amazing.

    Congratulations again xx
  • Aww congratulations i'm so pleased for you have a happy and healthy 9 mths i'm sure everything will be fine hun.

    send lots of baby dust to the rest of us

    x x x
  • Congratulations honey, that is awesome news!
  • mrsossymrsossy Posts: 241
    thank u all so much im for the docs on monday cant wait to hear him say its true xxxxx

    still getting bad cramps so im freaking out xxx
  • SamsmamSamsmam Posts: 191
    Hiya Mrsossy,

    Don't know if it's the same as how I felt but I had a late period but really achy cramps as if AF was about to arrive - turns out I was indeed pregnant and period-like cramps are quite a common sign of early pregnancy. Something to do with implantation into the womb? Good luck at the doctors! Really pleased for you! : ) xx
  • mrsossymrsossy Posts: 241
    thanks samsmam i think im just worried because ive waited for so long for this i dont want anything to go wrong xxxx
  • SamsmamSamsmam Posts: 191
    As easy as it is for me to say, try not to worry. Relax a little bit and put your feet up before Monday. It's never too early to get hubby to run around after you! I milked the situation totally so my poor H2B was shattered by the time our son was born! I'm sure you'll be fine and you'll be dealing with the joy of morning sickness and swollen ankles before you know it! Be thinking of you. Let us know how you get on! xx
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    i will do thanx for all the support ladies xxx
  • mrsossymrsossy Posts: 241
    hey girls just thought id let u know i was right to be worried about the cramps i miscarried on saturday..good luck to you all xx
  • MrsHxMrsHx Posts: 4,037
    aw sweetheart, so sorry to hear that, cant imagine how your feeling right now but sending you hugs xxxx
  • I am so sorry to hear your news, love and hugs to you and hubbie. Take care of each other x
  • So sorry to hear that... sending love xxx
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