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Hi - just thought it would be nice to start up a May group so we can chat, exchange stories and reassure each other!

Im Vicki, 25, got married in May and have just got my BFP after 6 months TTC. I work with children with special needs who can be volatile and unpredicatable so have had to tell work straight away. My EDD is 11th May xxx

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  • Hi - just thought it would be nice to start up a May group so we can chat, exchange stories and reassure each other!

    Im Vicki, 25, got married in May and have just got my BFP after 6 months TTC. I work with children with special needs who can be volatile and unpredicatable so have had to tell work straight away. My EDD is 11th May xxx

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  • I am kind of on the edge... my expected due daye is 25th April but that will be confirmed at the 1st scan.

    I am Corinne, 24 (25 this month - no drinking or partying for me lol) . got married in July and got my BFP, 2 months after having my implant removed.

    i am a little freaking out as i want it to all go well, so will be able to relax a little more once the 1st scan is over x
  • mrsossymrsossy Posts: 241
    my name is katrina i am 27 and was married a year and july and calculating myself before seeing a doctor im due on the 7th may xx
  • Hi i'm Jenny, i got married in May and got my BFP on Friday! im due on 3rd may. I think im still a bit shocked but over the moon xx
  • Oh just noticed everyone else mentioned there ages, im 28 xx
  • Hello, I'm Michelle, turned 26 last month, was married last October, and according to my calculations am due on May 4th!

    Am so very excited, but have the normal anxious worries of wanting everything to go well and wondering if everything like the little tummy niggles I feel are normal, which apparently they are - but still, it can be quite nerve wracking when you've never gone through this before! lol
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    Hi. Im Lorraine, 25. Got married on 30th April and been trying since the end on May. Got by BFP on sun, 1-2 weeks!!

    Im also worried about the little niggles Michelle, but I could make it worse by worrying. Im exhausted at the min, feel like crap and know its only going to get worse. Got my first appointment with midwife on 14th sept. xx
  • I think its normal lovey - my mum and sister certainly say it is but doesnt stop you from panicking does it?

    Nice to meet you all xx

  • Hi ya i got married April 11th this year and i just turned 28 due date 7th May, we decided quite quickly we should start trying as i always said i wanted to be 30 but my husband just came out and said i want to have a baby and i wanted to aswell so i said ok!! we started "not being careful" 2 weeks later i have a positive test result i am shocked thought it would take months lol

    We havent told anyone as its only 5 weeks but i am bursting to, How is everyone else feeling about this?

  • Hi Rachiepants, its so hard trying to keep it a secret, we have told our parents and our brothers & sister, but we have decided to wait until after the 3 months before telling everyone else, Ive seen two of my best friends this week and have found it so hard not to tell them, so im not sure if i will be able to wait much longer!!

    I hope everyone one on here is getting on ok in there first few weeks, how is eveyone feeling? ive been very tired and today have felt a little nauses, but apart from that im feeling good x
  • EbansmummyEbansmummy Posts: 1,227
    I havent told anyone apart from my boss and the other supervisor in work who is also my friend. I work as a supervisor in a cafe in Tesco and all though it doesnt sound it it is a very stressful place to work. You are doing about six peoples job at once and running round and on your feet for long periods of time (like a 9 1/2 hour shift with no break the other day). Although I dont think they have to do anything legally until I get a certificate to say im pregnant I dont feel like my safety is a concern of theirs and i've still got another week till I see midwife.

    I've been feeling really, really tired!! Not been feeling sick but so exhausted. xx
  • Hi

    I am Shellie, I am 32 years old, we got married July 2008 and our estimated due date is 7th May.

    I am very excited about being pregnant but also very nervous about the first 12 weeks, must try to relax.

    Mrs S i also work with children with special needs that can display challenging behaviour a times, i am going to speak to my manager next week.

    We have told our parents and i have told a couple of close friends, 1 of them being a midwife so didn't want her to find out through work!!

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  • ALPukALPuk Posts: 25

    I'm 30, got married in early August and got BFP 2 weeks later - so a proper mini-moon baby (our 'proper' honeymoon isn't until December).

    We haven't told anyone, and probably wont until after the OK with the scan. I'm also not really thinking of myself as pregnant (though obviously doing all the right things food and health wise) until we are at the 12 week mark. Call me superstitious but i dont want to get too attached just in case. Also, i'd have a terrible time keeping it a secret if it was actually 'real'! Currently the not-yet foetus is called Ziggy as little more than a zygote, and helps us speak about the lit'ler in code!

    Absolutely exhausted, huge monstrously painful boobs, mildly nauseous so eating like an absolute trooper and mostly constipated. Pregnancy really is the dream come true isn't it!!!

    Worked out that am due 5th of May...

  • hey everyone - nice to be able to share this journey with you!

    Work and I have decided for me to come offshift and i'll no longer be working with my students image. Im a little sad about it but I know its to protect Pip so its for the best.

    Feel so tired and my boobs hurt so much ive bought a maternity sleep bra to wear at night-time. I feel like punching anyone who comes within a five mile radius of them!! xx
  • Hey - howz everyone feeling? x

  • Hello!

    I'm not bad, I'm getting some nausea in the mornings and afternoons, but no throwing up (thank goodness!), and sometimes get the odd "stretching pains" which come on as quickly as it goes!

    I have my first midwife appointment tomorrow, so am a little nervous, as I don't know what to expect, I'm sure it will be very uneventful, but I get nervous with anything medical! lol

    How are you doing?!
  • EbansmummyEbansmummy Posts: 1,227
    Im feeling ok. Off work today with a bad back. Was killing me yesterday and couldnt sleep last night so decided to take it easy today. No morning sickness yet but have been getting stretching pains. Hope everyone else is feeling good. xx

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  • Hi

    Things going well, still a little nervous about the first 12 weeks but trying to calm down about it!

    I've started to get a little nausea this week at any time throughout the day, but not being sick thankfully, finding things that never used to make me feel sick have been!

    Also been having some stretching pains which at first i was like 'oh my god what is that' but after bombarding my friend with many questions, who has had 2 children, i'm fine!

    Very tired some days, the other night i was in bed at 9pm, i don't think i have done that since being at school! (very long time ago!)

    And also very gross i know but constipation, i hate it! must drink more to see if that helps and i saw a post on here about eating an orange before going to bed, i'll give that a try!

    Shellie image
  • Hi, I'm 33 and got married in July 2008. Got pregnant as soon as we stopped using contraception - bit of a shock, thought it would take longer.

    I'm due 15th May. Haven't told anyone but dying to tell my mum. Got my appointment next Thursday. So far I feel the same as I ever did apart from occasionally incredibly sensitive nipples and every now and again a bit of a odd feeling like mild period pain. I know that's all normal though.

    I have been very tired but I'm a chemistry teacher and it's first week of term so I'd be knackered anyway.

    Esther image
  • Hey all. I had a rubbish day yesterday. Was extremely tired (I have ME so the tiredness has hit me extra hard), the nausea hit and i had stretching pains all day. Because I was so tired I couldnt function at work so i cried at work and got myself really worked up. When I got home I phoned my mum and she came round and I got all worked up about the thought of miscarriage/ectopic. I think a little information can be a bad thing sometimes and i have far too much pregnancy info/statistics in my head. She insisted I take a few days off work to try and rest and look after myself a bit. So... thats how im getting on at the mo. Howz everyone else? xx

  • hi ladies,

    been keeping an eye on this thread for a while - but didnt want to post as i know a few gfirls on here - and didnt wnat people to know just yet,

    got married on 25th july, and found out we were expecting a few weeks ago.

    my edd is 9th may and i have my scan on 6th oct.

    sicky feelings have started - boooo!!!

    how are you all?

    Mrs s - sorry you're having a bad time, get lots of rest and hopefully you will feel better soon x

    ps. are any of you on babyexpert?


  • Im Pumpkin Pie on BE x
  • hi mrs s - I thought you were ! he he x im darbz x how you feeling now? any better?

    hope you're getting lots of rest x
  • Hello! Sorry to hear you had a bad day Mrs S, I had a bit of a nightmare last night. dreamt I was bleeding, was well scary! Keep getting stitch like pains today, more annoying than anything else!

    Had my first appointment yesterday, very straightforward, was given some leaflets and info, signed a form to get me free prescriptions and dental care, took my blood pressure, and now I wait for an appointment date in around 2 weeks for the blood tests and medical history and then around 11 to 13 weeks I'll have my first scan - which is scary to wait for! Hope its 11 weeks I get it, which is less than 5 weeks off!

    Also I was a day over with my EDD, thats now 3rd May! image

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  • EbansmummyEbansmummy Posts: 1,227
    Mrs S. Hope your feeling better. I havent had a good few days. I've been off work with back pains and my manager who i've told im pregnant has gone and told one of my work mates im pregnant. Im livid as none of my family or friends know and my brother works in the same place as me. Only the other supervisor who is also my friend knows and she told me that this other person had told her that my manager had told her im pregnant.I told her that I wasnt telling anyone till 12 weeks and now she is telling people while im not there. I went back to work today and didnt say anything as I had emailed my area manager and I am waiting for her to deal with her but she knows shes not meant to say anything as she even said today that she nearly slipped up about it before.

    Also I am waiting for my health and safety assesment to be done in work which she still hasnt mentioned doing and I was running round and getting stressed out today and I said to her you do realise im not meant to be put under any stress dont you to which she replied laughting well you best leave work now then hadnt you. I turned round and said, no, you'd have to suspend me on full pay. She laughed saying that she cant suspend me to which I replied its not down to you, its the law. If you cant remove the problem for me then you remove me from the problem. That shut her up!!

    Also, i've been getting really bad pains in my upper tummy which im putting down to (and hoping it is) wind.

    Sorry about the life story!! x

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  • I am feeling better today, thanx girls. Its nice not going to work and stressing. Ive been watching back to back Sex and The City. Must be the hormones but getting irritated with the amount they obsess about relationships! I must've been very lucky but i met my husband, fell in love, engaged in three months, married in a year - no obsessing!!!

    Im sorry ur having difficulties MrsMoss. Does your supervisor have children herself? She sounds very unsympathetic! My work did a risk assessment the day I told them and they supported every decision i made, even when i decided to come off shift earlier than i'd originally decided. I hope they sort out your work situation soon. And ive had bad wind too which has caused pains. I guess its difficult not to worry about every pain this early on. Anyone else wish they had a little window in their stomach to check whats going on in there?!

    Darbz - i love BE!!! Ive been on YAYW much longer but i have twice the amount of posts on BE hehe - its such a supportive atmosphere x

  • hi ya all sounds like some of you are having a bit of i rubbisi time and so early in the pregnancy! Im 7 weeks now i rang docs and the receptionist said you dont need an appointment ill put you in the midwife book and she will contact you. I not heard anything i feel a bit left out when your doctors wanna see you guys image
  • Rachie pants - i feel exactly the same! We were fortunate enought to conceive on our wedding night and i am now 5weeks and 2 days. I rang the doctor last week and they said they didnt want to see me either and they would pass my details onto the midwife and they would contact me. I havent heard anyting yet either. They also said that the midwife doesnt see you until you are about 10 weeks. I feel really left out and keep panicking that something is going wrong or i am not doing something right. I have had no chats or leaflets or anything about what i should/shouldnt be doing and seeing as this is my first pregnancy, i am totally clueless. I didnt realise i was supposed to be taking folic acid until i found out on the internet. It sucks that the care you get differs by postcode image
  • EbansmummyEbansmummy Posts: 1,227
    Rachie and MrsH. I think its awful the way you've been left. My doctor didnt want to see me about being pregnant when I joined the surgery as I only joined this doctors when I found out I was pregnant but at my first health check appointment he did make sure I was taking folic acid and told me to make a appointment with the midwife on the way out. The receptionist told me she only comes every two weeks on a mon so my first appointment is tomorrow which im a bit nervous about. Hope you both get word soon and are feeling well otherwise. I've been starting to feel sick and going off my food. I got really dizzy and weak in the bath before and had to get out and lie on the bathroom floor. Bad times but all part of being pregnant I suppose. xx
  • EbansmummyEbansmummy Posts: 1,227
    I've just had my first appointment with midwife. All went well. Just basically booking me in, talking me though what I can and cant eat and stuff. She was really lovely. She said im all fit and healthy and as I dont smoke or havent been drinking there is'nt much to talk over. Im 6 weeks today and should be due around the 8th May. xx
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