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Do these sound like pregnancy symptoms?


I did one pregnancy test about 5 days before my AF was due (I used the First Response kit) it came back as negative but when I read the back it said it is only 60% accurate if u test 5/6 days before a missed period. Are these kits any good?

I am now 5/6 days late I feel bloated, I have been hot in bed for over a week and I started to feel sick yesterday. I have it again today and it kept me up all last night. I wasn't actually sick its just a feeling of naseau as if you're stomach is empty and you haven't eaten (even though I had).

Pleae help - any thoughts? xx


  • I would test again, sounds promising though! I had nausea and hot flushes int he early stage of this pregnancy .

    Gem x
  • Hiya,

    Thanks for the response just wanted to update u all and tell u that I did a home pregnancy test tonight and it has come back negative image so I don't know where AF is!!

    I was really surprised by how upset/disappointed I felt to be honest. My husband would have children straight away if I agreed. I want them but I feel nervous and I agonise over trying to make the right decision and about getting the timing right. Does anyone else feel the same? Not knowing when the right time is?? I feel like its driving me mad! There always seems to be something that we have planned for (such as a holiday and I think I'll wait for that or looking for a new job and I think I'll wait until I get a new job) The only problem is I turn 28 in 2 months, I know I want more than one child and I would like to space them out (due to childcare costs) and I was hoping to do all this before I hit my mid 30s not sure if I should get my skates on!! xxx
  • Hi loopy013, I've just replied to your symptoms from yesterday on a different thread saying to try a superdrug own brand test, they are very sensitive and try with First Morning Urine. I'm sorry to hear you tested last nite and it was negative but it aint over until AF arrives. xx
  • Hi loopy013...

    I think if you agonize over the timing and whether you can afford it or not you'll never have a baby as there'll always be something to stop you. My hubby & I thought it would take months to fall pregnant as i'd been on the pill for over 10 years. It took us less than a month after our wedding. Which was a suprize although a happy one. He's not happy in his job, but that doesn't matter & we still live in a cramped bachelor flat. But i know we'll be able to make things work and look forward to our little girl who is due mid Feb.

    Good Luck with your decision making!
  • I completely agree with Cherikey. I was on the implant for 4 years and before that i was on depo for 5 years. thought it would take us AGES to concieve and like Cherikey, i fell pregnant on my honeymoon. We bought a house 3 years ago. I hate my job, DH hates his job and we have 2 energetic staffy pups that arent trained (yet! - in the process of organising). The house isnt fully decorated and the gardens are like a bomb has hit them. we barely make ends meet the moment we both work full time. but when we found out i was pregnant we were over the moon! there never is a right time as you live to your means and make things work with the situation you are given. x

  • There is never a 'right' time, but if you're a strong couple you'll get through anything!!

    I found out yesterday that I'm pregnant and I've got a wedding planned for September 2010!!This will be baby number 4 so I know whats coming. None of my children were 'planned' but when they are here they are the most precious thing. We've never had a lot of money and our house is far too small and now we need a new car, but you forget about all the bad stuff because you have something to focus on xxx
  • I know how you feel I though maybe I wasn't really ready til I got my first BFN and I was so dissapointed that I cryed.... this is month 3 for me image so I'm keeping everything crosses (except legs Lol) for BFP
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