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HORRID metalic taste in my mouth! URG

So now, on top of NASTY morning sickness that plagues me 24/7 (I am 7+4) I have a horrible metallic taste in my mouth too! I feel like I am really being tested with this pregnancy image Anyone have any suggestions as to what can help with this?

I find that if I eat some apple or orange (something slightly acid) it helps for a while.


  • I have it too hun - i can suggest Preggie Pops from Amazon. They are great for getting rid of the taste. I also find keeping water in the fridge and having ice cod squash really helps - some say ice lollies are good. Feels like a permanent hangover doesnt it?! x
  • I had v strong metallic taste for about 4 weeks when I came off the pill. I've never been pregnant (trying now!) but it was obviously hormone-related as I had sore boobs, nausea etc too. Thought I was pg as the symptoms were so pronounced, but no bfp. Sour apple sweets and fizzy Haribo helped lots. I really lost my appetite but sucking on strongly flavoured sweets was the only thing that got rid of it. Not particularly healthy but I was desperate!
  • ALPukALPuk Posts: 25
    I have this too - in fact it was my first very early symptom of pregnancy! I've now joined the morning sickness brigadeit seems. I've been feeling vaguely nauseous from about 5 weeks (7+1 now) but have just been able to eat my way through it - nothing made me feel sick smell or taste wise i just felt mildly sick all the time.

    Now i've started wretching for no apparent reason, feel vile ALL the time(!) and am actually sick mid-morning for no reason either. Oh, and then comes the difficulty breathing like youve swallowed sea-water.

    Surely this cant go on for another 5 weeks? How am i going to function?!

    Oh, and add to the that the debilitating tiredness where my legs carry me off to bed of their own volition...

    We haven't told anybody yet becasue of a myriad of different reasons, but i might be forced to tell my boss soon.

    Sorry for the rant, but i always thought that getting and being pregnanct would mean putting on some weight and being denied my hedonistic pleasures, but becoming someone completely different!

  • FurryMonster I TOTALLY feel your pain!! I am 7+6 and have been feeling ghastly. On Monday I was sick 5 times in 12 hours and most days am sick at least once. I also have been feeling SO down about it and wondering how I am going to cope for another 4+ weeks of this. I have my first scan tomorrow (I live in South Africa and we have a scan at 8 weeks) and then have decided to tell everyone after that... There is no way I can hide this much longer at work and people are starting to guess. I must say I feel relieved not to have to hide it anymore.
  • Sorry to make you feel worse girls but just wanted to say please don;t think that the sickness with magically vanish at 12 weeks I have VILE sickness until around 22 weeks!!!!

    I would constantly gag and heave and would be sick at least once a day without fail, I couldn't eat ANYTHING and lost a stone and a half in weight (so I did have it quite bad) but I spent the first 12 weeks thinking it would vanish the minute I hit 12 weeks and when it continued for a further 10 I was devastated!!!


    32 + 6
  • Hate to be a killjoy to everyone but I totally sympathise with all of you. My second pregnancy was totally plagued with this, lost loads of weight and it was all way through until i had my little girl. I'm a midwife and while i worked i vomited all the time so much so I had to be admitted to ward I worked on, and I feel so sorry for you all but for most it will go about 14-16 weeks. Try ginger biccies, arrowroot biccies anything dry and eat small little and often. Hope you all feel better and sometimes the metallic taste could be because your maybe a little anaemic

    Hope it helps. You can get medication to stop sickness temporarily but many try not to give it.

    Good luck with the bubbas

  • Thanks girls... yes am hoping like mad that this stops at 12 weeks but am VERY aware that I could be in for it for longer. We are going to the US for 5 weeks when I am 14 weeks pregnant so REALLY hoping that it eases off then otherwise our whole trip will be a mess!

    I must say, I NEVER anticipated that I could possibly feel so awful all the time. I can't really afford to lose a lot of weight so that is worry me a bit because i have already lost after 2 weeks.

    Anyway, just trying to stay positive at this point. My poor husband!

    I have been trying acupuncture (went for my 3rd session today) but not convinced it is making a difference really and doing it freaks me out!!
  • Sorry to hear some of your pregnancies aren't treating you too well ((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))

    I've just ovulated a few days ago and have a metallic taste again. I chewed some strawberry bubble gum today which helped. But I can't chew at work so have to put up with it image
  • hi girls i had that along with terrible morning sickness the only thing that helped me was putting grapes in the freezer then sucking them when frozen,saying that i cant even look at a grape now


  • ALPukALPuk Posts: 25
    Hello again,

    Well it seems that my HORRIFIC mronign sickness is on the way out! For the last 10 days I have been gagging / wretching most of the morning, and throwing up at least 3 times a day. And now i haven't been sick for 2 days, thought the wretching is still there - however, thats really rather barable after feeling like utter death for over a week! My Dr said that the 8th week (so between week 7 and week 8( is the worst for MS as the HCG hormone is at its highest, and it starts to drop off after that.

    I still feel nauseous all the time, but i can eat (and eating actually helps - though i shall be the size of a bus soon!) but no more being sick. YAY!

    Ridiculous that i cant help feeling a littel concerned that its not all ok though. However horrible the being sick all the time was, at least it gave me sme reassurance that everythng was going right.

    8+4 now and have booking in appointment at 9 weeks, so not so much longer now...

  • Hey FurryMonster I am also doing SO much better!!! (am 9+3 today). For about the past 3 days I have been able to eat more normal things although still feel dodgy most of the time. I feel almost human again! I have only been sick once this past week as opposed to every day for the 2 weeks before that. I was feeling a bit paranoid cos my boobs aren't that sore anymore and the sickness started wearing off, but looked it up online and it seems fairly common for symptoms to start calming down at about 9 weeks.

    I had a scan at 8 weeks and my next one is at 12 weeks on the 19th October. Still a bit of a wait!
  • ALPukALPuk Posts: 25
    Hey Fox,

    Good to hear it's all good! Its such a relief to be able to function relatively normally again isn't it? D and i were talking yesterday about how hard it is to judge how oyu actually feel - compared to a week ago i feel great, but i think i have forgotten what feeling normal is actually like. Thus think everything is normal now.

    I have developed a rather odd new adaptation of the symptom. Now i am sick, invariably, when i brush my teeth at night. Horrible!

    It must have been so reassuring to have had the scan at 8 weeks. I had a very early scan at 6 weeks and everything was normal, but so much can happen in between times. Have my booking in appointment on wednesday and will find out there when i have my 12 week scan - though am expecting it to be around the 21st of October...
  • I still gag when i brush my teeth! Normal seems like a thing of the distant past!!! One of the girls I work with is 22 weeks pregnant and she is positively GLOWING! Gives me hope that I too may get there some day ha ha!

    At the end of October (14 weeks) we are going to the US for 5 weeks so am hoping to be back to my 'normal' self by then.
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