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Pregnant or not? Advice needed please! UPDATED

Hi ladies,

I'm new to this part of the forum so please bear with me. Really really not sure if I might be pregnant so looking for some advice from you more experienced ladies.

I got married in June and was due on so because I didn't want to have it spoiling my day or our 2 week honeymoon, I was prescribed enough Norethisterone for the whole trip. We got back to the UK on the 8th July, I came off the Norethisterone on the 12th, and came on the day after on the 13th. No problems. I then came on again on July 28th for 4 days.

But since then, no AF (see I've been learning the lingoimage ).

I have bizarre AF anyway, always have, as my cycle can vary but is about 31-32 days on average. It's possible that my body has yet to kick in again after taking the Norethisterone, something similar happened when I came off Microgynon a few years back.

However, a part of me is a bit concerned I may be pregnant - we had an occasion on the 30th of August where we didn't use any protection (we're not TTC, had had a bit to drink but I'd rather not go into that). I did a pregnancy test the week after that (due to HB's insistence I do one then and there even though I explained to him it'd probably be negative even if I was pregnant) and of course it was a BFN. Just to be sure, I did another yesterday and again, BFN. Been following all the instructions so using first wee of the day etc so no problems there.

Over the last week or so I've been getting sore boobs (especially around the nipple area, sorry if TMI!), I'm ravenously hungry all the time, particularly at night, and I've put on a bit of weight (I'm a size 8 so it shows quickly but that might be down to the extra food I'm eating lol). I've noticed these things because they don't usually happen to me.

I also had a day on the 8th September when I spotted and at the time I thought it was AF but it only lasted the day. I don't get spotting between AF, never have. But I've just heard about implantation bleeding which is a bit worrying.

So anyway, really don't know what to do now. Do these sound like pregnancy symptoms? Would it be worth going to the doc's - even though all my tests have been BFN, would a doc's test be more reliable than a shop bought one? Or should I wait a few weeks before testing at home again?

At the moment it's doing my nut not knowing what (if anything) is wrong, and until I get AF, HB has banned me from drinking which isn't helping. He's stressing coz we don't know, which is stressing me. Don't get me wrong, although we're not TTC, if I WAS pregnant it wouldn't be unwanted, but the not knowing is driving me crazy.

Sorry for the long post. Any advice would be appreciated :\?

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  • Heya,

    What tests are you using? I go negatives from all 5 I did and then decided to splash out and get those clearblue ones which says pregnant or not pregnant and got a very clear pregnant!.

    The doctors dont do any additional test as they say hpt's are more accurate!!

    Hope this helps

  • Hiya,

    Thanks for responding. I used the Tesco ones (cheapskate HB bought them haha), but that's a good point. I will go out and spend more money on those Clearblue ones. Watch this spaceimage
  • Hello, I got my BFP on a superdrug test, they are the most sensitive test to use (from what i've read). x
  • From what i know you can get false negatives, but you cant get false postivies (if that makes sense). From ther symptoms it does sounds like you are, but it could be something else aswell.

    Also with the pregnacy hormones, each person is individual and your hormones might not be high enough to be picked up by a test, even a doctors one.

    Go to the docs, they will do you a test and will be able to help! xxxxxxx
  • Thanks for the responses ladies. Still no AF. Doing my nut here, but havn't said anything to anyone about my fears.

    I've ordered the Clearblue digital test off Ebay (cos it was cheaper) and it should be here today or tomorrow. I'll update once I've tried one.

    In the meantime I've been trying to figure out dates and stuff, and they all seem to match. Looks like we might have BD'd on the day before my OV, which might explain things. I'm worried about how HB would react if I get a BFP, but I'm trying not to think too much about that until it happens - it may not.

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  • Ok, I've got a kinda update but now I'm really confused.

    Used one of the Clearblues this morning and it came up negative. But the symptoms havn't gone away, in fact they're getting worse. So much so that I'd nearly convinced myself I was actually preggers before this morning.

    On top of everything else I've already said, I've had mild cramping on and off for the past 3 days and since yesterday have been getting heartburn (which is unusual for me). Last night was so awful, I barely got any sleep coz of the heartburn and cramps, which were worse for some reason when I lay on my stomach. I feel like crap this morning.

    So irritated this morning after getting a BFN, I've made an appointment to see my GP on monday, but now I'm worried they'll laugh at me if any test they do comes up negative and tell me to stop hallucinating. But something definitely feels odd.

    I'm supposed to be on a big night out tomorrow and don't know whether to drink or not. Very unhappy with this situation, I just want to know for definite what's going on. imageimage

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    I think you're doing the right thing, I mean we're all advised that if anything (especially regarding our lady issues) strange or unusual happens you should see a doctor.

    I don't think there's much more you can do at the moment, but you may want to go easy on the alcohol for now - just in case.

    Good luck - I hope you get the answer you want.
  • I know how much you ladies love updates so here's mine - came on this morning after a weekend of being in agony and feeling generally very poorly.

    So that's that :\) . Still feel utterly exhausted and hurting all over, but at least I know now. Typical that today woulda been my day to see the Docs, but at least I didn't waste their time.

    Relief all round, HB is very happyimage . However I'm VERY grumpy that I didn't drink on what was an otherwise great friday night out for NO reason. Now just gotta ride out AF and get back to normal now that the scare's over. :\)

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  • MazlinMazlin Posts: 260
    awww this happened to me too jewel, wish i'd read your posts earlier, might have helped to put your mind at rest!

    We went away for a long weekend and stupid me forgot to take her pill with her. I decided that my new pill wasn't really suiting me, and so i would just stop it and wait until AF arrived to do anything about starting again.

    Well, that was at the beginning of August, and my period finally appeared on Saturday!Eek!

    I was convinced i was preggers, even though I there was only the slimmest little inkling of a possibility i was!

    I had tummy cramps and queasiness the whole time, but more bizarrely, extremely tender nipples that i have never ever had before, i completely lost my appetitite and was exhausted.

    It seemed those were just the symptoms of me coming off the pill which i'd been on different versions off for close to 10 years.

    I did 3 pregnancy tests, and was so convinced i was, that i was actually a bit disappointed when they were BFNs!

    I also didnt drink on some good nights out, including my friends hen do- grrr!

    We're not planning on trying until at least next year!
  • Lol that sounds very much like our situation Mrs McGinley- we're not planning on trying until at least next summer too, mostly due to money issues.

    Weird thing is, the symptoms I was describing are STILL there, which is annoying as I'm now going through the period from HELL. 2 months store-up is destroying me, I havn't had a decent night's sleep since monday and mine are never heavy like this one.

    Ah well, looking forward to a drink on friday at least!
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