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what pram is everyone getting/got?

and how have you found it?/did you regret buying it or wish you had got something else instead?

im just curious really - as you can probably tell from my name/avatar i love the bugaboo pram, and that is what i have got my heart set on for when we have a baby!

(ttc in a couple of months) (i work at mothercare so do have a good chance to look at lots of different prams etc)

however i am wondering if i should really spend this much money on a pram?!

obviously i only know of prams from what i learn at work, but im interested to know what 'real mums' go for and how they find them using them day to day!

i know i am planning a little bit too far in advance comsidering im not even pregnant yet, but thats just me - planning miles in advance for everything!

thanks in advance!


  • We had a silvercross 3d for our little girl and I wasn't that impressed with it so we have sold it and opted for a graco travel system this time. Graco isn't a make I would have considered as I always thought they were a bit cheap but from meeting many new mums after having my daughter, the only pushchairs that have had great reviews all round are the graco ones.
  • I have a bugaboo camilion, everyone comments on what a nice pram it looks, people come up to me in the street. I bought it in very dark blue denim which looks really nice and different, I know it's verypopular and i a bit of a fashion statement, which is cool. But to be honest, I do regret buying it. It is huge, and very fiddly to use. It can be an operation just to get out of the house with it. The brake on it is awkward. You also need a huge boot in your car, as it takes up a lot of room especially if your taking the carrycot out with you. So don't bother if you have a small car, either that or buy a bigger car. You will also find it impossible to use on buses, as you have to take off the seat or carrycot before you can even calapse the frame. So you would have to buy a small buggy/pram for buses, although you'd be ok if you were going on a train. We spent about £900 on it, with all the other bits. So it is a lot money to spend on a pram!

    So my advice to you is to look for something else.

    Best of luck! :\):\)

  • js_lolajs_lola Posts: 1,811
    Hi Smartarse

    I wondered why your avatar was a Bugaboo in another topic!!! All is clear!

    H2B's friend/ ex work colleague went to work for Britax. So my daughter started off in a Britax Vigour- H2B chose it. Absolutely great pram but I always had my heart set on a Bugaboo. It was the casue of many argument in our house during my pregnancy (a mix of hormaones and me feeling like I'd been denied the whole pram shopping experience which I'm sure you understand from your job!) and I had serious pram envy each time I saw a Bug.

    Anyway I ended up buying a Bug. H2B went mad but I love it. There are some faults with it like Pixiechick mentions and I seriously wouldn't consider it if you use public transport at all. The raincover is a nightmare and It's also quite fiddly to put up.

    However my friends all have the Buzz and always comment how light the Cam is in comparrison. My best friend thought it was ugly at first but now loves it. I love the fact you can wash it all easily and the way you can turn 360 with two finger push!

    Problem is it's one of those things that if you've got your heart set on it then you'll always wish you went for it. In all honesty the Britax Iz started off in was excellent- really easy to use and comfy and a fraction of the price! Sometimes whilst I'm out I can see people staring at it (like I used too lol) and I know I made the right choice.


  • Gemilyjukes - you make a good point about the gracos - from experience, they are seen as a cheaper brand - but i tell you what - i dont remember ever having one brought back to us for repair!

    pixiechick - you make a good point - i have heard off other people that the bugaboo is not good for use on public transport - because of the way it folds - i dont imagine it would be!

    however, ive never taken a bus since school, i drive so dont think i would need to use a bus, but its great to hear your experiences.

    js_lola that is a good point - i know i have my heart set on the bugaboo and i think if i settled for something else i would end up regretting it and probably buying one anyway so would end up wasting more b=money by buying a cheaper one first!

    Clair - you have definitely made a good decision with the my4!

    we have been doing that for about 2 years - and as i recall, i have only had one back which was a couple of weeks ago and it was something to do with the front wheel being taken off to change the inner tube and the ball bearing came out, so we had to order a new wheel.

    come to think of it that was the my3, so you wouldnt have that trouble with the my4 as it is different wheels at the front.

    (sorry to go on but its really a good indication as to the quality of prams based on how many we get back that are faulty!)

    in fact - i dont know if you have seen the quinny buzz, but if so, you may notice some similarities between the frame on the my4 and the quinny buzz.

    this is because the my4 is made by quinny for mothercare, so you know you are getting a decent, well made pram from a reputable brand, it just has the mothercare on it.

    all in all i would honestly say it is a great system - does everything you could possibly need it to do (pram, pushchair seat facing both ways, and car seat compatible) and is a reasonable price.

    the folding mechanism takes a bit of practice, but its fine once youve got the hang of it.

    the only 2 things that i would take into consideration are

    1. as pixiechick said above, you need to remove the seat unit to colapse it, so wont be very practicle for the bus if you are out on your own with the baby.

    2. the rear tyres are pheumatic, so it is a possiblity that you make get a flat tyre or puncture.

    this is not covered under your guarantee, so

    the best advice i would give you is before baby is born is to but either a puncture repair kit, or buy a new innertube (you can order from mothercare or can sometimes get them at halfords if you know the size you need) but if it came to you suddenly getting a puncture, they can take weeks to come into mothercare stores if we order them from quinny!

    all in all i would thoroughly reccomend the my4, if i dont end up with a bugaboo, i would definitely go for that! (they are actually pretty similar)

    if i genuinelly thought something was crap - i would say so!

    sorry ive waffled on so much!

    if you want any more helo give me a shout!

    p.s, clair i know u live in the n.e, just wondering - have u been to the big mothercare at team valley by chance?

    i used to work at that branch! it was awesome!

    smartarse x
  • Hiya,

    The new version of the bug has something filled in the tyres, so you dont get punctures anymore! H2b investigated all this before we brought. It is a very nice looking pram though!
  • ladyblueukladyblueuk Posts: 1,227
    i have a bugaboo cameleon for dd who is 4 weeks and love it!

    i bought 4 different buggies for my son including 2 terrible silver cross prams and probably spent more on them in total than the bugaboo!

    i don't use buses and have a car witha big boot. i also walk alot in woods so this pram is perfect!

    i'd say well worth the money!

    Anna x
  • Ive just ordered the Mamas and Papas switch couture! Its perfect for a winter baby and folds down without being dismantled both forward and rear facing! Im really impressed with it - lets hope I dont change my mind before the big event!



  • im obsessed with Mama and Paps pliko pramette 'mimi' - its lush!!! xx
  • I got the limited edition icandy apple in black magic,I just can't wait to use it!!!must admit tho its so hard choosing a pram x x. X
  • Quoted:
    im obsessed with Mama and Paps pliko pramette 'mimi' - its lush!!! xx

    just looked on their website and that is so cute, i love it!

    i would consider that but i would want something with big wheels for walking!
  • tanroe09tanroe09 Posts: 4,121
    just wanted to eacho what someone else said about the silvercross 3d. I had it for my son(whos 3 now), and it was useless!!! Had to use it for my daughter (whos 6 months), as coouldnt afford a new one!!! BUt i really dislike it, we've had nothing but problems with it. She is now in the pushchair part so am looking at getting a quinny for her.

  • Hi Ladies,

    I am soooo glad i didnt go with the silvercross 3d after reading these comments - i did really like it, my sister in law had it but complained non stop about it - i thought she just wanted a new one!!

    We have ordered the Babystyle lux 3 in one in bubble black on the chrome chassis - its not the most practical prat out there, i know! because the carry cot is separate from the chassis, so putting it in the car is a bit of a pain, but i fell in love with it and i dont intend on putting it in the car often, as i will either be walking or just visiting people meaning i will only need the car seat and not the whole pram,

    Has anyone else chosen this pram??



  • i really like the Silvercross freeway... did the the 3d's but again my sister in law had one and had loads of problems with it and my husband is quite tall so dont think the handles would be high enough for him,

    My sister had the icandy apple which i loved but was quite heavy and expensive! x
  • tanroe09tanroe09 Posts: 4,121
    have a look at the reviews for the 3d they're terrible, wish someone had warned me before i spent all that money!!! the car seats good though!!! not heard much about the freeway!!

  • We saw the M&P Skate on the weekend and were quite taken with it. Loved the way the pram converted into a pushchair without the need for a separate chair bit if that makes sense. Have only just started looking though so haven't really got anything to compare to. Reviews online seem to be mixed. Has anyone had one or know anyone who has?
  • Where does everyone go for reviews on these prams - I'd be interested in reading some reviews on the mamas and papas pilko pramette as I love that one, thank you!!
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152
    Bella - I've got my eye on the M&P Pliko Pramette too (the spotty one).

    We've got a while before we need to start seriously considering prams but there are so many out there that I don't think its such a silly thing to start looking now!
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