Don't want to get my hopes up!

Hi Girls

I used this website a lot on the lead up to my wedding, I got married on August 1st this year and it was the best day of my life so far!

Anyway since then we have been trying for a baby, not seriously though, I havn't been doing all that checking when i'm ovulating and stuff! Anyway I stopped taking the pill in July and we have been trying ever since....Since then I have had two AF's, And i counted 26 days between them both, so I counted 26 days from my last one thinking it would probably stay the same for this AF. The 26 days stopped this thursday just gone. I'm now on day 31 and no AF....

I have no other symptoms though, maybe more hungry and tired than usual but that might be because I have took on more work at work recently.

Would you test? I don't want to get my hopes for a BFP and it be a BFN!




  • Hey sarah_kay,

    I would definitely do a test, even if you think it's likely to be BFN - if your AF is overdue, a test would give you a pretty accurate result either way. And you won't stop thinking about it until you know for sure, I know I wouldn't!

    Lots of good luck to you for a positive result, let us know how you get on!
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    Hi Sarah

    I'm in the same position as you this month!

    Was due on the 18th September but no AF as yet. I've been having the dull 'dragging' ache that I usually get, but nothing else other than feeling tired and aching breasts (but nothing unusual about that really).

    My hubby is so excited and even planning how we'll tell people, and whilst we both want a baby more than anything, I don't want to get either of our hopes up.

    Anyway, I've bought a test today and will do it tonight if AF still doesn't put in appearance.


  • Oh good luck to both of you, I really hope you get the results you want.

    All sounding very positive from what I am hearing :\)
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152

    I'm not getting my hopes up too much though, but I will do the test tonight because its driving me mad not knowing either way!


  • Mrs shellbob

    it's doing my head in not knowning, but I think I will do a test tonight too... I can't help but thinking maybe my body is still adjusting to coming off the pill~? but then I think well why would I have to perfect AF's 26 days apart and then all of a sudden its different now, I'm always very regular.

    Anyway shall let you know Mrs Cat and Mrs Shellbob! (Trying not to get too excited!!!) xx
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152

    I'll let you know too!

    Good luck image
  • What on earth is an AF?
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152
    What on earth is an AF?

    Aunt Flo - more discreet version of period! ;\)
  • Ohhhh *blushes* sorry girls lol. xxxxxx
  • Quoted:
    Ohhhh *blushes* sorry girls lol. xxxxxx

    LOL it took me ages to discover what all the jargon meant! It's only because I have been scanning these pages for a while that I found out what it all meant!!
  • Sarah_kay - lol, it can be totally confusing sometimes,
  • EbansmummyEbansmummy Posts: 1,227
    OH, im so excited for you both cause with the sound of things it sounds like its going to be good news!! Fngers crossed for you both. xoxo
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    Well...chickened out of doing the test last night so did it this morning and got my BFP!!!!!!!

    I used the Clearblue digital test & it said 1-2 weeks pregnant, so still very very early days but its difficult to not get excited!

    We're both a bit shell-shocked, and I have also realised that I know very little about pregnancy and don't know what to do now!

  • Awww congrats shellbob!!

    I took mine this morning and it was negative, I am really upset to be honest, I just don't understand!

    I'm still late too, I'm on day 33 now and no AF!

    I'm really happy for you though! And don't worry about anything because you will be fine!

    Do you think it matters what sort of test you do? I used a cheap one that Id never even heard of from the local chemist! x
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    Hi Sarah.

    So sorry to hear that the test was negative.

    I don't know if it makes much difference about which test you use. Previously I've always bought the Tesco own brand ones and they've come up negative.

    This time though I splashed out on a more expensive brand (and I liked the idea of it telling you how many weeks pregnant you are) so went for Clearblue.

    If your AF still hasn't arrived then its probably worth taking another test.

    Good luck.
  • I might wait a few more days and splash out on a 'spensive one then!

    I am soo happy for you though! You need to get yourself to the doctors i believe now, and buy a book! My friend had 'the pregnancy bible' and she said it tells you everything you ever need to know from conception to giving them their first bath!!

    I will let you know when i test again, keep me up to date on how everything is going....when are you going to tell everyone?

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    Thanks Sarah!

    I'm going to call the doctors today & have bought a pregnancy book this morning.

    We've told my mil (we're going on holiday with her next week and she'll wonder why I'm not drinking) and we'll tell my best mate tonight (who's also coming on holiday with us).

    I've told my sister and we'll tell my parents tomorrow.

    I didn't want anyone to know just yet but we both know we'll never be able to keep it a secret so we're just telling those close family members that we know we can trust and will be supportive.

    I hope you get your BFP soon Sarah. x
  • congrats mrsshellbob so happy for you!

    Sarah_kay i would def test again maybe at the weekend if AF still hasn't showed and i brought some clear blue ones before and even though they aren't cheap they are really good, let us know how you get on! X
  • is it possible to get false negatives do you think? lol....look at me tryin to get my hopes up!

    Mrs Bridge - are clear blue the best, speaking from experience? ? image

    shellbob- I too would probably try not to tell anyone and then end up telling everyone! lol.....Is your hubby really happy and how doe she feel about being a daddy? Mine would be bouncing off the walls with excitement if I was positive! lol! I think he will be an amazing dad.....
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    Sarah - he's delighted but quite shell-shocked! I think it'll take some time to sink in, because even though this is totally planned, its still a surprise, if that makes sense?
  • Mrs Shellbob congratulations, that's fantastic news!! Can't begin to imagine how thrilled you and your hubby must be today image

    Sarah_kay, yes it's possible to get false negatives but not false positives...I would take MrsBridge's advice and give it another couple of days and then test again with something like a clearblue x
  • not from personal experience but my sister used them and so did my new sister in law!!

    Mine are in the bathroom waiting to be used ha! BOGOF about a month ago and couldnt resist!!! My AF is due at weekend but not getting hopes up!

    I've known people to have negative tests when they were pregnant, nothing is ever 100% accurate so you never know image I've got everything crossed for you hun x
  • shellbob - yeah it makes sense, its a complete life change! so your bound to feel a bit weird even though it was planned i know i would feel like "oh myyy gooood!!!" it will prob take a few days to sink in! just make sure hubby looks after you now! get your feet up! image

    so does everyone reckon clear blue digital is the best then? x

  • Have to admit I've only used the first response ones, but clearblue digital are certainly meant to be one of the very best - I would definitely give them a go x
  • I have to used first repsone which i found good as well even though they havent given me the answers i want yet ha!! Starting to get impatient now and its only been 3 months lord i can see i am going to be a nightmare! X
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    I would definitely get Clearblue - worth the extra money to see the words actually written as well, rather than just looking for a line!
  • Oh yes, must be fantastic to see the word "pregnant" appear on the little screen - somehow even more exciting! I think if I got a BFP using first response I'd be tempted to follow it up with a clearblue just to see the actual word, ha ha! image
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    Mrs Cat - it is nice! My husband has taken a photo of it because the result only stays on the screen for 24 hours.
  • Ahh that's lovely mrs shellbob, wouldn't have thought of doing that!

    So - have you made an appointment with your doc's yet to get your midwife appointments sorted etc.? All exciting stuff to come for you!
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152
    I'm going to call on my lunch break.

    Really wish I wasn't at work today, can't concentrate!
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