Does anyone OV really early?

Hi ladies,

Well, I'm really trying not to get obsessed and want to just take it as it comes, but I do think that it would be handy to know when I ovulate - else we could effectively miss the 'right' time for months and months....not that we're not doing the deed loads, but you know what I mean...

So was going to do OV sticks just for this month. Now, I'm on day 12 of a 29ish day cycle and have been getting OV type pains and ewcm Sunday and yesterday - seems to have stopped today. I did an OV test yesterday and today and they're both definitely negative. Do you think that I may have already ovulated and that is why I'm getting negatives???

It's funny because i didn't get any ewcm last month, but do remember getting pains around day 16ish??? (didn't do any tests though...) Maybe my body is just random...

Does anyone have any ideas?


  • MummyMBMummyMB Posts: 275
    I'm not sure either. I'm having the same problem because I don't get any ov symptoms that i know of. I'd just keep testing until its positive, you possibly haven't ov'd yet if your cycle is 29 days. Sorry I can't be of more help. x
  • I ov really early. I had been POAS from the date I thought should & never ever got a positive result for ov.

    I finished my period on the Wed & ov'd on the Saturday or Sunday.

    The only reason I know this is because that's the weekend I fell pregnant.

    We had been following when you should ov etc, i.e1 4 days from your fist day of period or something like that.

    I would recommend that you start POAS the day your period finishes.

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    I'm going through the exact same thing. I've now been testing for 9 days (using clearblue digital ov sticks). My cycle is between 33-40 days - which is why I decided to use the sticks. But I've still not had a smiley positive face and now I'm panicking that I've missed it because the test has been wrong. It was day 16 when I started so just before I thought I would be getting into the fertile time. Do I keep testing or wait until after my next period?
  • Hi N22,

    I'd say keep testing and see if anything happens.

    However, I'm pretty sure that the tests I've been using are very inaccurate... I've had what must be ovulation pains (abdo aches, back pain...) for the past week and all I've had is 1 faint line on Wednesday. The instructions say that this means negative - but I think that this must have been my peak??? Surely, there has to be some hormone present to get a faint line??? I'm on day 16 today so think it must have either happened very early (unlikely but possible) or that the ov tests are just not very accurate (probably) and it happened around Wednesday time???

    Who knows!?! To be honest, I wish I'd stayed pretty ignorant about the whole process - I've got a headache just trying to work out what's going on. Particularly as my last AF only lasted 24 hours - maybe that means that my cycle will be shorter this month???

    Who'd have thought that just getting preggers would be so damn complicated? I feel a bit of a fool for spending my twenties thinking that so much as looking at a man without taking precautions would lead to pregnancy!!! They lied!!!

    Ahhhhh - it's driving me mad!

    x x x
  • N222N222 Posts: 460
    I know, it's really confusing! I'm also really kicking myself because we've been waiting for the 'positive' result before we do anything, so we've probably totally missed the boat this month! I think I'm going to finish this lot of sticks and then just forget about using them again. I also felt abdominal pains during the week which felt like they could be ovulation.

    So many people on here have said that the minute they just relaxed and weren't trying, then they conceived!

    I think lots of b'dng is the only answer!
  • Yes, I totally agree. I'm throwing the tests out and just going with lots of sex!

    I know that relaxing is the key, but I'm just a natural born worrier (my husband might just say mental)...

    I've decided to just go with the flow up until xmas - then think again if nothing's happened.

    Good luck x
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