Heavy Bleeding - Advice Please

Hi ladies,

I would like to ask your advice...

We got married in Dec and the past 2 months have been TTC. I am due on on 24th Sept but on Sunday 20th I started bleeding (this was brought on after having sex), this was light at first but on Monday it became very heavy (and was bright red). I did not have any stomach cramps and it did not feel like a period. I have now finished bleeding and just have a slight brown discharge, but now have a little bit of stomach pain.

I am not normally early (came off pill in February and have had regular periods since then).

My HB says that I need to go to the docs but I am scared of what he might say or I will feel that I am just wasting his time.

I just want your advice as to whether anyone else has had this, what you think it might be etc. I had not done a pregnancy test before the bleeding as I wanted to try and wait as long as possible to see if my period was late. I am unsure as to whether I need to do one now anyway???

Please help me, I want all news, good and bad as i just need to know what you think. Is it to early to be a miscarriage?? Is this what a miscarriage is??

Thank you x

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    Hi hun.

    I had a bleed last tue at 6 weeks. Only light pink spotting and a clot with slight discomfort and was sent to a&e. The doc said my womb was closed so everything looked fine but I went for a scan the next morning and baby was fine. The nurse said I might get brown discharge which was normal after bleeding but she didnt tell me what it was so I cant really help.

    I think you should go and see your doc as a heavy bleed like that that you dont think is your period should be looked at. They say most early miscarriages just get written off as periods as most of the women didnt even know they were pregnant. Go and get checked out hun, im sure your doctor wont think your wasting his time.

    Love and hugs, Lorraine xx
  • This happened to me in December last year. My period is always bang on time but my period came a week early. I thought it was odd but didn't think too much of it. That i can remember, It wasn't particularly painful and I didn't go to the doctors as i hadn't thought it anything serious. The following month, I had gotten my BFP which i unfortunatley miscarried a few weeks later. After reading your post, i now wonder if maybe i had been pregnant in December and just hadn't known about it and that the bleed had something to do with it. I went to see the doctor recently and had spoken to him about fertility and mentioned the 'early' period in December. He started asking a lot of questions about it and so I guess what i am trying to say is that it really wouldnt hurt to get checked out. You won't be wasting his time, its his job, but at least you will get some peace of mind.

    Hugs. x
  • Thank you for your replies. I went to the drs today and she did not appear to bothered about it all...

    She said to send a urine sample next week?! And that as I was on the pill for a few years and I have only been off it from February that my body might not be back to normal yet??? Even though I have been having regular periods since coming off the pill!!!

    I think that she was trying not to alarm me, she did say that it could have been an early miscarriage, but without knowing if I was pregnant beforehand she will never know. It is so confusing, so i am still playing the waiting game until the end of next week!

    Honestly I do not think that she believes i am pregnant, so I am just going to try and think that I am not so then I will not be as disappointed when I get my results form the drs.

    The good thing is that according to the dr I am still normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers everyone x

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