The two week wait

Aaaaaand here we go again...the two week wait...


Anyone else currently in this bracket?

It's rather odd that at the start of TTC I was really excited about this stage and feeling all positive and stuff, and now I kind of just view it as a countdown to when AF will definitely, absolutely, 100% show up! image


  • So know what you mean. I am now entering month 10 and have just finished AF. Its gotten to the point where its no longer 'exciting' waiting to see if AF will show up as it always does (even when I'm convinced that maybe, just maybe it won't).

    During the two week wait I keep prodding my boobies to see if It feels sore and of course, after all the prodding, by the end of the two weeks they do end up hurting.

    We have to keep our chin up and have faith. I know its hard but one day it will happen hun and it will be us writing all about our 'bfp'

  • Yes, that's it exactly!! I'm not excited or anticipating anything, I guess in a way that actually makes it easier to bear when AF rears her head! I do the same thing regards the prodding, but for me it's different - I've noticed that a couple of days after OV they become sore and for me that's a bad sign that I've not caught, so I always hope that I don't feel anything!

    When we do write on this board about our BFP, it will feel so amazing - if I had caught straight away I don't think I'd get the sense of shock mixed in with the excitement that I will get if I get it now ;\) x
  • MummyMBMummyMB Posts: 275
    Im with you guys. My first month ttc and my cycle was a bit messed up by my wedding last month. I'm on CD 19 and think i should have ov'd in the last few days. Will be waiting a week at least before testing image
  • I've actually been very good the last two months, I've waited until my AF date instead of testing early as I've been so very tempted to do. And as I'm 100% regular since having the coil removed, I've saved myself a fortune in pg tests ha ha!!

    Just wait, now I've said that I'll start being late or each month and that will do my head in!
  • Me again MrsCat!!

    I am coming to the end of the dreaded two week wait! AF Due at the weekend but i really dont think we caught this month either as the signs are already on the way! Only been TTC for 3 months but with the wedding two weeks ago i had lots of things keeping my mind occupied now i have nothing so i know its going to get worse!

    Totally agree with Ainsleys Wife though one day soon we'll all be on here sharing our BFP because it will happen for us all! Good things come to those who wait xxxx
  • Ah Mrs Bridge, of course! I would love to hear that you got your BFP this month, since it would have been from your wedding/honeymoon. I shall keep my fingers crossed for you that the signs you're getting are good rather than bad - and if not, you'll have to find another little project to keep you busy! Mine is doing up the house, albeit very gradually :\) xx
  • unfortunatly i think they are the signs of AF - Oh well!! Was hoping for third time lucky!

    Trying to keep myself occupied with sorting new house out and got loads of things to put on ebay and stuff and got wedding photographer coming tomorrow to show us offical wedding pics which i'm looking forward to... so thats the next week sorted ha! x
  • Oh well that sounds like you have a lot going on, and all exciting stuff too with your new house. You'll have loads of fun choosing your wedding photos! I have only just this week emailed our photographer back to say go ahead with the wedding album, took us ages deciding which photos we wanted to have - I've been married nearly four months for goodness sake! Lol.

    So is your avatar a photo taken by a friend/family member then? I suppose I should put a wedding photo as my avatar, but my crime-scene looking cat kinda fits my name better! image x
  • yeah i have seen lots of family and friends ones.. i could look at them forever!

    You cat looks just like mine! Mine is really naughty though but then he can be really funny to he is more like a dog than a cat!!

    Yeah i do have a bit going on between now and Christmas so its not as bad as i am making out! Its just when i am sat here at work it's all i seem to think about! x
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