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Are doctors usually so mean!!!!?

Hi ladies,

I went to the doctors today for an asthma check up and while I was there I decided yo ask the doctor for some advice about my periods. Since getting married in July, we have decided this month to start trying for a baby. I came off the pill in Feb 2009 (after 9 years of the pill) and my periods have been really irregular. So it's now 7 months and they haven't settled down. The days inbetween can vary from 38-64 so as you can imagine it's going to be a nightmare planning to get pregnant at the right time of the month. So anyway, I asked doctor if there was anyting I could do or take to regularise my body as we are currently trying for a baby, and whether or not I should be worried if my periods were still really irregular. She basically told me that theres nothing I could do about it and it she can predict it'll take us about 2 years to conceive due to how long I was on the pill. She also said that I shouldn't even bother coming back to the doctors for another 17 months as they wouldn't even consider seeing me for this reason! and if I wasn't pregnant in 18 months time they would see whther or not it's worth giving me a blood test!!!

I am quite aware that it takes time for your body to return to it's natural rhythm and that the odds of me getting pregnant straight away is quite slim, but surely I shouldn't have been spoken to or treated like this! All I wanted was to voice my concerns to see what she would say!

Have any of you ladies ever experienced anything like this? have any of you had trouble since coming off the pill?

By the way, I've been lurking on this section since the start of the year and now we're officially trying,I can actually start talking about babies! woo!

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  • Sorry you had such a negative experience. I was on the pill for 3 years and was pregnant after 3 months so think positive! If your periods are irregular maybe home ovulation testing would be helpful? My periods were a bit irregular after coming off the pill, but with a short cycle rather than long. I did use an ovulation kit for the 2nd month, but then we decided just to relax and see what happened, and ...we were pregnant the next month! I think there is a guide as to when doctors will start investigating you if you don't conceive (i thought it was 12 months though, not 18), but this doesn't seem to have been discussed with you in a particularly helpful way! There have been lots of ladies on this forum who have conceived quickly after long periods on the pill, so think positive baby thoughts and good luck!!
  • whilst i don't know the answer about how long it takes once you're off the pill fob off responses from doctors i have had alot of experience with. the latest example is the local doctor told my 86 year old grandad over the phone (without seeing her) that my grandma's pain was just her age and was extremely reluctant to do a home visit. she was actually having a small heart attack. (she's ok now.) is there no other doctor in the practice you can see to get a more sympathic/helpful response? or perhaps if they're going to be like that maybe change to a different doctor. good luck.
  • Hi there, I'm a doctor and although a generalist, I have been able to sit in at the local infertility clinic for interest and to increase my knowledge so that i can advise my patients better so i have asked the prof of fertility medicine all about this. Basically as long as you are having periods, the pill is out of your system, so it does not take years, which is often quoted. periods usually return within 2 months after the initial withdrawal bleed. It may be that you have always had irregular cycles and as you have been on the pill for so long (since your teens?) you have forgotten what your cycles used to be like (to be honest I paid no attention to my periods/length of cycle etc when I was in my teens - I always told the smear lady I was a 28 day cycle with 5 day AF but since thinking about ttc I know my cycle inside out (31d 3dAF!). With regards to investigation, NHS guidelines are that you have to have been trying for 3 years (70% conceive naturally within this time) before you will be investigated for fertility problems. However, it sounds like you have irregular periods and they probably need investigating in their own right (even if you weren't ttc you'd probably want this looking into). As long as you're having a period (albeit irregular) you are likely to be ovulating but it is difficult to pinpoint your fertile days when your cycle length is so erratic. I would make an appt to see your GP and explain that you have been off the pill for a year and your periods are very erratic and you would like this investigated (try to do this from point of view that the you would like this doing whether you are ttc or not as some GPs sometimes feel that us ladies are inpatient when it comes to conceiving - average time is 1 year). I would also use the appointment solely for this symptom and not add in any other problems as patients presenting with a load of complaints end up not getting any of them dealt with properly due to time constraints. I suggest you see another doc at your practice tho if you can. good luck x
  • Hey Pinknic,

    Take a look at this... I have found it helpful as a guide to the NHS system. But even then, it really does depend on your GP. We're in cycle 9 and our GP is just starting to investigate things for us.

    I had a day 21 pregesterone blood test last Friday and Tomorrow I am having Thyroid, rubella, LH FSH blood tests as it will be Day 2 of my new cycle. It can be a long process and hopefully, we won't need any tratment and get a BFP soon anyway, but just in case we thought we'd get the ball rolling.

    Also, we bought some home fertility tests from the internet and have done those. They're not amazingly comprehensive but they told us everything is fine and that did give us some peace of mind, which is a good thing!

    This is where we got the tests. It's a company who supply NHS logistics supply chain. I know because I do the ordering for the Health centre where I work.

    Anyway, good luck, and at the end of the day, there is nothing stopping you from seeing another GP if yours is a big old meany! image
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