Foods to determin the sex of your baby?

hi girlies,

me and h2b aren't trying for a baby yet, waiting until after we are married. I wouldnt mind what sex baby i will get aslong as they are healthy and got all the body parts they need.

I was just wondering whether any one in the past or is eating certain foods that are meant to give you either a boy or a girl.

I know its up to god you give you the sex of your child, just wondered whether this works? I know that male sperm are fast swimmers but they dont last long and that you have to be support them when they are in there.

Has any one got any experience with foods and the babys sex?



  • hey hun, i honestly believe its just down to chance, obviously husbands sperm determines the sex depending on if its a Y or X chromosome that fertilises your egg, i really dont think u can 'choose' by what u eat. however there are some methods i have known people to use to get a certain sex, i would google it if i was you, but the thing to do is eat as healthily as possible, take folic acid and prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy. good luck sweet x
  • Hi,

    There has been a bit of research into this, I bought a book recommended from someone on here called 'choosing the sex of your baby' I got it from amazon.

    The book describe the diet method and timing method of each sex. Its a good read and very helpful. Haven't tried it myself but might do in the future!

  • hello!

    There is a girl boy diet, and it changes the alkalinity or acidity of the vagina! boy sperm prefer an alkaline environment and girl sperm like acid!

    This can only be regulated through diet.

    Timing and position also play a big part - I have 2 blue ones, I will let you know if and when it works! watch this space!

    The Flower Co
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