Caloscopy and pregnant?

Does anyone know if soon after having a caloscopy make you more likely to fall pregnant?

I was on the pill, had a caloscopy, after week 4 we did the deed, now im wondering what my chances were of conceiving at that time? I did continue with the pill.. so am presuming i was still covered, i never gave it a thought until now. Ive not had a period yet so am unable to tell if im late or whatever..

This might be stupid question... try not to laugh too hard :\)


  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002
    Hi hun,

    Do you mean a colposcopy, or a colonoscopy, it would help to answer the question a little easier if I was sure which one you mean. xxxxx
  • huh? xx
  • MrsS to beMrsS to be Posts: 2,633
    a coloscopy (sp) ..xx
  • I don't think it will make any difference.

    I had one in early pregnancy after having a positive smear. I was then told I had to have laser treatment, which sent me into a panic that I would lose the baby, but the doc told me that they would keep an eye on me and if they had to do it before I gave birth, they would. I ended up having it 3 months after the birth and my baby is now 12 years old!!!

    Don't worry, it'll be ok xx
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