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TTC & honeymoon jabs?

Hi ladies - I'm not getting married until Aug but was just a little curious about TTC after jabs? we're off to Thailand for honeymoon. is it safe to start trying straight after?

Thanks x :\?


  • ALPukALPuk Posts: 25

    If you're not gettig married until August next year then why not get any relevant jabs this year - you need to top up a coupl eof them after 6 months and then you're covered for 5 /10 years dependant on jabs. There are none that i know of that you need to get specifically for thailand and you dont have to take malaria tablets as long as you aren't going trekking or anyhting...

  • Hi

    I went to Thailand on my honeymoon and had my injections about 2 months before we went and she said it was no problem ttc. We started ttc about 3 weeks before we went.

    Have a great time!

  • LJSuk1LJSuk1 Posts: 673
    thanks both, FurryMonster that's a fab idea to do them early! didn't even cross my mind! x
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