Anyone on to month two (or more) ttc for october?

Just getting in early,i got my bfn for september and it looks like my next test date will be around 24th/25th october,although i still haven't had af - still late no idea what's going on there!

So would be good to know who else is will be ttc for october?And congrats to all those who got their bfps!


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    Hi *waves* we will!

    Came off the pill about a month ago and waiting for my first real AF, no sign yet and am not pregnant (tested in week - peace of mind really, didnt think I actually was!) so guess oct will sort of be second month of ttc for us to.

    Are you on baby expert? xxx
  • Hi ladies,

    I came off the pill just over a month ago,august. Haven't really been trying to concieve just wanted to let the pill get out of my system for a few weeks and see when af came etc. As of yet no sign of af?? have been pretty irregular for the last year and was told 6 weeks ago i have a cyst on my ovary! so no idea really when af will come or when i ovulate? but planning on lots of baby dancing in october in the hope we may conceive.....even tho it will be a bit of a stab in the dark!!

    lots of baby dust for all those ttc

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    Hi sweetpea, sounds like we are in a similar place, I came off pill in august and are going with the flow so to speak. No sign of AF as I have said and have always liked knowing cos of being on the pill. Not sure about ovulating and all that, not using sticks yet, hoping the periods will sort themself out asap and going to carry on enjoying the bdancing!!Good luck hun, baby dust to you xxxx
  • Join us on the Sept thread, which will soooon become October thread!

    September is my 1st month TTC
  • Hi Murphy

    Its very frustrating isn't it waiting for af!! never thought i would be looking forward to it arriving as much as i am now! lol, will just be nice to know everything is working as it should be since stopping the pill! good luck to you too xxx
  • Hi

    I'm on month 2... started in August and got a bfn. Would be due to test in about a week's time, although already I have sore boobs and slight cramping and so am sure AF is lining herself up for arrival. Ah well, month 3 here I come... x
  • I guess I am on month three although never had AF since coming off the pill in June so I guess it wasnt possible for me to get preg during that time. 91 days now with nothing.....never thought I would want AF to come so bad!
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    gosh 91 days!! I was a little niave (sp) and assumed I would stop the pill and AF and my cycle would settle down instantly, no such luck!

    Guess I am in good company thou xxx
  • We are crossing posts Murphey :\) Yip, exactly 91 days today (from the last day of my last period - which was my withdrawal bleed). When did you come off?

    I have heard of a herb called Agnus Cactus (or something like that) that can help re-start and regulate periods but I'm just a bit reluctant to take something else (after 12 years on the pill) - want my body just to get back to normal.

    Anyway, I'll let you know how i get on at docs although not hopefully they will really do anything...

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    hello *waves*

    Only at the end of august hun, not long really.

    I was on the pill about the same too, seems like forever, my doc said it comes out of your system straight away and that you can get pg straight away.

    I have heard of AC too, not sure I will consider taking anything just yet, trying to just go with the flow so to speak xxx
  • Hey,

    I'm in the same boat. We have been TTC since our wedding in august. Done 2 tests now, and both BFN, and no real Af either. I was on cilest for about 6 years, and really wish it would appear.

    I'm so desperate to get pregnant, so hard to be patient!!

  • Hey girls, thought I would join in. Have been off pill for a while but this will be first real month of trying as such, got the OV sticks so we will see, fingers crossed. x
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    Well what a difference a few hours make - AF has put in an appearance! pleased to see her in a way as was starting to worry she would never show up and I wouldnt really know where I was!

    So who knows maybe October will be our month. Good luck all xxx
  • thats a good sign then murphy, still waiting for mine to show up images fingers crossed this'll be your month!!
  • Hi ladies,

    You should come and join the September TTC thread, it's going to change it's title to October TTC in a couple of days!

    Good luck to you all x
  • That is great Murphey - at least you know your cycle is kicking in. I got loads of cheap pregnany and ovulation tests from a site recommended on this site - cant remember the name of it though. i got about 50 tests altogether for about £10.

    I even did a test this morning just in case but got a BFN unfortunately. Oh well, hopefully the doc can shed some light on why my cycle isnt here yet - by then it will be over 100 days image

  • Me Me me! Lol I am due AF 2nd October so fingers crossed girls that this is the month although I suspect it isn't! I stopped the pil Mid may never had AF for 9 weeks so have been trying a little while now!!!!!! I'm so so so so broody it's unbelevable
  • i am really broodie to Mrs Caddie!

    Just finishing Septembers AF So onto October for us! This will be our first month we are really going to try .... lots more bding, got some OV tests to use etc.. determained for a summer 2010 baby! Xxx
  • Hi,

    Me and my hubby are on the second month ttc. I am also determined to have a Summer 2010 baby. Good luck!
  • Hi all

    October will be month 6 of ttc for me and hubby, Its so fustrating this whole waiting to see whats going to happen. Hubby saiys a baby is a gift from God and you will get the gift when he decides the time is right.... ok ok ok but I want one now- please.

    This month I did OV tests last day of bleed to the next bleed and no OV/LH surge so will do same next month - been proper stressed this month. If nothing next month I am thinking of a trip to DR's.

    At what point would you Ladies seek medical advice/reassurance?
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