RE: symptoms, is it to early?


I used this website a lot when planning my wedding and now I feel like I need a little advice.

We have been ttc since May but since coming of the pill in April my first AF came 9th Sept. We then had sex everyday (sorry if tmi) during ovulation period! According to the fertillity calendars tomorrow is my could be implantation day!

I have started feeling very sick and have had a few small cramps in my stomach today.

Can anyone help me? As I thought it would be too early to have any symptoms but it is hard not to get your hopes up!

Is it a good sign or a bad sign?


  • I dont really have any advice, other than GOOD LUCK! I'm not sure how early you can do the first response tests but maybe go and buy one of them - but it might still be too early.

    5 months for your first period - that is ages!! I came off at the end of June and still havent had anything. Going to docs next week to chat it through although I'm pretty sure she'll just tell me to wait...

    Let us know how you get on

  • I went to docs to talk about not having a period and they gave me blood tests, sod's law I came on the day after!! Everything came back normal anyway, it just takes time.

    Good luck, bet it's the only time any of us have ever wished for AF!
  • hiya, i started to feel sick before my period was due and i got a bfp last week! it was our first try so very happy! i didnt get tummy cramps though, not until after my period was due. i noticed my hair getting greasier and i felt hungry all the time (still do!!). good luck and i hope it happens for you!x
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