How long to work for a company to get maternity pay?

Hi girls,

I just wanted some advice... We having started TTC after getting married in August. I am sooo broody, and so desperate to get pregnant. But I am also getting fed up with my job, and particulary my senior who i work with. She is driving me mad, and has been for a while. Never leaving me alone to get on with my work, constantely making mistakes then trying to blame everyone else. She's making me really unhappy at work, and I would love a change so I don't have to work with her anymore.

I was worried tho, How long you had to be with a company before you can claim Statutary maternity pay?

I really don't know what to do, stop TTC and find a new job, or stick it out at work and hope I get BFP soon, but who knows when that will be.

Love to hear your advice?



  • MrsHxMrsHx Posts: 4,037
    I want to say 15 weeks but am not sure hun, you could try googling it xx
  • Hey hun,

    I used to work in payroll / HR so know a bit about maternity pay & rights. You need to have worked for your company for 26 weeks when you reach week 15 of your pregnancy and you also need to have earned an average pay of £95 per week whilst with them.
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    basically you have to had worked there for at least a week, like kelleybell says you need to have worked for them 26 weeks and 15 weeks before your due date x
  • One week!
  • Hi

    I did employment law at uni, last year mind! It is 26 weeks before you go off for maternity leave. The statutory rights are that you only get paid for 39 weeks, 6 weeks of that is at 90% of your normal wages and the remaining 33 weeks is statutory maternity pay which is set by the govt which was £112 last year. Of course you could be really lucky and your employer has some fantabulous maternity pay! Good luck xxx
  • Does this still apply if you are on an ongoing temporary contract?
  • Hi Mrs Lulabelle

    I just posted a v similar question! I'm not sure what to do either whether to look for a new job (well actually have an interview - but if I take it if offered) or whether to stick with what I have, have been here three and a half years..decisions..I'm just worried that if I got the job I'd get pregnant immediately and that would be very awkward to say the least trying to tell your new don't know what to do for best

    Sorry I've been NO help at all :\?
  • MrsCatukMrsCatuk Posts: 449
    I haven't done my research, but at my organisation the rules state that you have to have worked here for two years before you get maternity pay??
  • my company states you need to have worked there for 26 weeks when you are 15 weeks before your expected due date. so need to be there 1 week before you get pregnant. you DO NOT need to tell your employers are pregnant anyway until later on (just say you didnt know). i know someone who has just found out they are pregnant at 16 weeks!!! x
  • MrsCat, your company cannot do that. They probably mean additional maternity pay. Statutory maternity pay you get after 1 week.
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    Ah right, that'll be it then - I know that here it's 90% of your salary for the first two months then statutory for the rest.
  • Hi I've been work just under two months in my new job and found out yesterday I'm pregnant... But worried about telling my bosses.. Im only 1-2 weeks.. Will I be entitled to maternity pay 

  • JulyBugJulyBug Posts: 420

    Hi Claire, you need to check your employment contract but if you are a full-time permanent employee then you will have rights, one of which will be two statutory maternity pay since you've been working there for a couple of months. xx

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