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Feeling Low After Miscariage

Hi there. not sure if this should be on the Y&YB forum, didn't want to bring the mood of TTC and pregnancies down, but i got married on august 28th and went to Egypt with my lovely husband and our 2yr old son on 5th Sept, i started bleeding on the saturday after we got married (the 29th) and just thought it was a normal period, i didn't know i was pregnant. but whilst on honeymoon, the bleeding got heavier and had lots of clots and things on sunday 13th sept, then on tues 15th, the baby came out, i was suprised about the size of the baby, about the size of a standard easter egg, so i'm not sure how war i was along, i went to my doctor when i came back to englasnd and he was unsympathetic, but having read up online, this is very normal for the doctors on a 1st miscariage, but i'm just so gutted, we weren't actively TTC but had stopped using contraception a few months b4 our wedding, just seeing the baby was such a shock, maybe i shouldn't be refering to it as the baby, maybe i'm making it too personal or whatever, but i just can't stop tinking about it, feeling so low about it, my hubby has been great and its made us both realise that we want another baby sooner rather than later, i just needed to write it all down and get it off my chest i think. it kinda spoilt our honeymoon really and i feel guilty, i know i shouldn't but i do.

anyways. thanks for listening, reading,

sam x


  • N222N222 Posts: 460
    I'm really sorry that you've gone through this. I don't have any experience of this so I'm sorry, I can't give you any advice. Perhaps you could ask to speak to another doctor maybe?

    'Big hug' x
  • Oh, I'm so so sorry Mrs_Green - that sounds pretty horrific. I hope you are doing OK. It is awful the doctor couldnt have been more sympathetic - after all what you went through sounded pretty traumatic. Just make sure you have plenty of rest and lots of cuddles from hubby.


  • Hi Mrs Green

    I know how you are feeling. I had a missed miscarriage just over a week ago and am feeling pretty low too. I'm sorry your doctor was unsympathetic, I don't understand why he would be like that to you. Take comfort from your husband and look after each other xx
  • MrsHxMrsHx Posts: 4,037
    aw sweetheart I am so sorry for your loss, I dont have any personal experience but am terribly sorry for the pain you are in and that you had to see such an insensitive doctor . Time is a healer as the say but for now take each day as it comes and remember you are blessed with a wonderful hubby and precious son, hugs xxxx
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