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Why cant people mind their own business!

Its all in the title really, and these people to whom i refer our my friends. D and I decided not to tell anyone about our current state of affairs until after our 12 week scan - this includes all family, friends etc - because we didn't want anyone to know if something went wrong and also to give us time to get our own heads round it a little bit.

I've mainly avoided going out as much as possible so as not to arouse suspicion, but this in itself seesm to be making people ask questions, and the 2 occassions that we have been out with friends in the last few weeks, i (obviously) haven't been drinking and now peole are bombarding us with emails asking if there's soemthing we should be telling them and its all very suspicious how i'm not drinking.

Now, i know they mean well and are just excited on our behalf, but WTF! Dont they understand that they haven't been told for a reason?! Its all really starting to get me down. Why should i be confined to my own house becasue other people cant keep their noses out of my business! Its bad enough not being able to g and have a coupl eof pints with friends, but so much worse not even being able to go out!


Sorry to rant. Its just getting to me today...


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  • Awww I'm so sorry to hear this. I'm not even pg but I'm still avioding drinking in a bid to help get a BFP, and my friends have been questioning me about not going out or driving when I do. They don't know we're TTC as I want as little pressure as possible, and also it's quite frankly none of their business! I totally understand you're frustration with this. It's your news, you decide who and when you tell it to and it's not for people to question you - also it's rude! Imagine if you weren't pg, and were having complications with getting a BFP or something, it would make you feel 10 times worse having people bombard you with questions and saying you are acting suspiciously. Go away and stop playing detective!!

    I think for some reason friends assume that it's their right to know everything about you, no matter how personal!

    So feel free to rant, it might make you feel a tad better x
  • nzecevicnzecevic Posts: 1,206
    tell them you're on a detox!
  • Or on antibiotics
  • ALPukALPuk Posts: 25
    Done both of those things! They dont believe the detox, and you can only really use antibiotics for one outing!

    Tell them to mind their own f business might work, but i'd end up without any friends and that would really suck!

  • say you have had a kidney infection and been advised to lay off the alcohol for a while to let your kidney recover! x
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