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TTC for 6 months

Hi all! I'm new to this board and have decided to join in the discussions! My husband and I have been TTC since our first year wedding anniversary back in May this year. I'm 27 and my hubby is 30. Although I try not to obsess about becoming preggers, I know I am. Have tried the Clear Blue ovulation monitors but stopped buying them as they are so expensive and I've now worked out my most fertile days of the month. I'm starting to panic something is wrong with me as I've always had an underlying feeling I won't be able to have children due to really heavy & painful periods but I know most women have this fear and I need to chill out!!

I have just ordered pre seed and was wondering if anyone has had good experiences with this? I know this sounds awful as I love and fancy my hubby so much, he is caring, considerate and very sexy (!!), but I'm finding it hard to enjoy sex as I'm so focused on becoming pregnant!! Does anyone else feel this way? Any tips or advice?? xxx


  • Hi Bubbles, were you on the pill? If so how long have you been off it?

    Are you taking your Folic Acid everyday? xx
  • Hi Daisy May, I haven't been on the pill for over 7 years due to having a mild blood disorder which means my blood has a slightly higher tendancy to clot so I was advised to come of the pill. We have always used the withdrawel method up to the point since we have been TTC. I had been taking Folic Acid since May but haven't taken it for the past two months. Do you think this will increase my chances of concieving??
  • Hu Bubbles, I know how you feel. We atarted ttc at the end of April, and I'm not pregnant yet either. It feels like I'm failing at something, and I'm not really enjoying sex for sex's sake - even when I know I'm not ovulating.

    Sorry I'm not much help, but thought I'd let you know you're not alone. xxx
  • How about trying Pregnacare Conception? Google that and have a good read of their website - I have heard great things about their vitamins! I do think it helps yes, so dose yourself up girl! You've got nothing to lose (except your pennies, I dont think they're cheap!).

    If you've never conceived before and you've got iffy AFs then you're bound to feel panicky - totally natural hun. Try not to put yourself under that pressure - easy I know because we all do it!

    Good luck! xx
  • Thanks guys for your advice and support!! I've seen Pregnacare so may give it a go! I will start on my Folic acid again in the morning along with cornflakes!!

    Mrs Doc - I'm glad I'm not alone and I also feel like I'm failing myself and hubby when I get a BFN - even though my hubby never makes me feel that way! I feel like mentally I need to overcome all my emotions to even give me a fighting chance of a BFP.

    Best wishes to you and I'll keep my fingers crossed for some good news for the both of us!!

    Thanks again! xxx
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