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Hi Girls,

I have always suffered with lots of headaches. Was on a betablocker for years but came off because didn't seem to reduce the frequency. I have taken altenatively for attacks ibuprofen and paracetamol with codeine to try to shift them and migraleve too but since we started thinking about ttc I have swapped to just taking paracetamol just in case.

Anyone had experience of frequent headaches and what you can take during pregnancy. I dread that they become more frequent with pregnancy.

Thank you


  • gemsy81gemsy81 Posts: 918
    Hi Roman

    The only thing I can suggest is carry on with just parecetamol as that is pretty much the only medicine you can take whilst pregnant however ineffective it may be!! I've been struggling this time, as I'm pregnant with twins (its my second pregnancy, already got a little girl) and my hormones seem to be doubly bad of course, so Im getting more headaches! Although it can be different for different people, you may even find your migraines dissappearing for your pregnancy!! x
  • HPE1973HPE1973 Posts: 107
    Thank you Gemsy for your reply.

    Will cross my fingers pregnancy alleviates them. Hope your headaches get less as you get further along.
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