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Nervous new mum 2b ...What to do next!!

Hi Ladies,

I was due my period this morning but kind of had a feeling it might not arrive. Did a test and hey presto a BFP!

I was shaking like a leaf (still am). Just took me completely by surprise. Had been feeling a bit strange for the last few days and although we weren't trying, we weren't exactly completely careful!!

I'm just wondering what exactly I need to do now. I'm only 4 weeks pg so it's very early days. I don't want to start telling people yet so I can't ask for advice!! I would really appreciate it if you could tell me if there is any suppliments I should start taking or when do I contact a doctor etc etc.

I'm sure these questions have been asked a million times but I am totally new to this and I haven't a clue what I need to do!

I'm also waiting for my husband to come home from work so I can tell him he's going to be a daddy!image

Thanks a million x


  • Congratulations!

    Main thing at the moment: Are you taking folic acid yet? It is very important in the first 3 months!

    Good luck

  • Hi Selkie,

    Thanks for replying. Am taking folic acid the last couple of months since I came off the pill, just in case!

    The main thing I'm worrried about now is all the talk about swine flu. Is there any thread about taking the vaccine?

    Thanks xx
  • LJSuk1LJSuk1 Posts: 673
    Congratulations hun xxxx
  • gemsy81gemsy81 Posts: 918
    Hi hun make sure you get an appointment with your GP, they don't do a right lot but will refer you to a midwife. I think there was a swine flu vaccine thread on here a few weeks ago, Im 18 weeks pregnant with twins and I think I might have to get it as the pros outweigh the cons for me but it is different for everyone. A good website to join/look at is as they have all sorts of advice and information on there, from calculating your due date to what to do when you find out you're pregnant. And we are all here if you need advice xxxxx
  • Congratulations hun!! I got my BFP last week and am currently 7 weeks and 4 days, due on 29th June!

    Just as has been said before, folic acid is important, and also my midwife told me yesterday to take pregnacare vitamins - i started taking normal vitamins that is a mix of A, C and D, and the midwife told me to stop as too much vitamin A isn't good for you when pregnant.

    Definitely book up a doctors appointment and they will calculate your due date and get you booked in with midwife.

    I asked about the swine flu jab when I saw him on Tuesday, and he told me that a decision hadn't been made on pregnant women yet.....?

    Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months xxx
  • Hi girls,

    Thanks a mil for replying. Was having a tough day yesterday, think it was a mix of shock and panic! Oh and happiness too!!

    Will try to get appointment with doc for next week and ask them to put me in touch with a midwife. I'll also go and get the pregnacare vitamins.

    I think the moment it all became real in my mind was the moment I told my hubby. The look of shock and love and delight was the funniest thing!

  • nikibaby84nikibaby84 Posts: 1,320

    You must be totally over the moon! When my partner and I did the test, and got BFP we rolled about on my bathroom floor laughing - mixture of panic and happiness! He's 2 now - but that moment will always stick in my mind.

    Maybe have your work do a risk assessment when it comes time to tell people.

    Start using Bio-Oil or Palmers Body Butter now to prevent any stretchmarks. I didnt have any for months but when one appeared, it was like more appeared while I was looking!!

    Congrats again!! Try not to be nervous and just enjoy!!



  • I used Pregnacare with both my pregnancies. Has colic acid and all the right vitamins too. Congratulations!!!!!
  • Oops - That should say Folic not Colic!!! LOL!!! That's a whole other subject once bubba is here!!!!
  • Hiya, Im the same im 5 weeks have been to the docs and been told to go back to see midwife in 3 weeks so ill be 8 weeks then she will book me in for my 1st scan!! xx
  • Congrats. Just to let you know you dont alwasy have to see your gp first most places you can get the contact number of the midwife and then phone them direct.
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