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Have my first BFP! due july 2010

Hi all!

i got my BFP after coming off the pill in June(been on it 6years) and found out tuesday im pregnant.

we are both so excited. means i am nearly 6weeks, only told a selection of people at first but just want to shout it from the roof tops!

im so nervous and scared to do anything at min- im being very careful!

the symptoms i had were really sore boobs, and cramps. also feeling sick in a morning and unable to stomach breakfast.

my due date has been put at 11th july 2010 (5 days before our 1st wedding anniversary)

Is there anyone else out there due in July 2010?

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  • HuniibumpHuniibump Posts: 3,913 New bride
    Hi EmmaJane, just wanted to say congratulations!!! (send some baby dust my way plzzzzz!!) xx
  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282

  • Hiya,

    iv just found out im pregnant too, we have been told between the 4 and 7th july as a due date! We have been trying for 2 yrs so i cant tell you how excited we are, good luck for your pregnancy xx
  • Many congrats and best of luck xxxx
  • ejay180ejay180 Posts: 192
    Thank you all!

    Congrats marley-moo so exciting! x
  • Congratulations!!! I got my BFP yesterday morning and we are so excited. I'm just over two weeks gone so i'm guessing our date will be sometime in August x
  • Congrats that's great news... I wish you a happy healthy pregnancy x
  • sprite68sprite68 Posts: 727
    Congratulations to all you BFP ladies! Good luck for a happy & healthy pregnancy. xx
  • Congratulations and good luck ladies, wishing you healthy happy pregnancies!x
  • hi aldies, i got my BFP this morning, i cried and couldn't stop shaking. must admit im a little nervous as i had a miscarriage at 5 weeks in august. im 6 weeks on saturday so fingers crossed image yeahh!!
  • Lolly84ukLolly84uk Posts: 2,219
    Congrats to all of you who have recently had BFP - wishing you all happy and healthy pregnancies xx

    ps send me some baby dust xxx image
  • I got my BFP on Tuesday as well! From the calendars you get online but due date is 25 July but got app at docs tomorrow so they might tell me something else. Only 4 weeks gone so just hoping everything goes well.

    Good luck to everyone else

  • Hi i'm due in July I think, Round about 28th. I really need to make a docs appointment soon but I'm in the middle of moving house into a different area!

    Has anyone else been having bad cramps? xxx
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152
    Congrats girls!

    Sarah-Kay - have you got your BFP then?! image
  • Hi Sarah_Kay - I got my BFP on Tuesday - I'm just over 4 weeks gone. On Monday, Tuesday and Tuesday night I had cramping all day. It did feel quite different to AF though - lower down and tighter is the only way I can describe it. I've not has so much today though.

    I had my app with doc and nurse this afternoon - they said that was perfectly normal. Only thing you have to watch out for is obviously bleeding. Got my due date of 26 July. Just need to decide which hospital to use and whether or not to get the swine flu jag!!

  • Rhi87Rhi87 Posts: 136
    whats BFP??? x
  • Big Fat Positive!! There are loads of abbreviations - I think one of the threads at the top of 'you and your baby' lists them all. It took me ages to get used to them image
  • Rhi87Rhi87 Posts: 136
    haha thats mrsF09!!! hopefulyl after our wedding ill get a BFP! hehe congrats to you all! xx
  • Just thought I would add to the list. I got my BFP yesterday.. According to my calculations I'm dure 24/07/10!!
  • Me too! Got my BFP a week ago tonight! Officially classed as 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant now! Due 20th July.
  • Hi all,

    I got my BFP on monday night, about 4-5 weeks but not been to midwife yet so not ure.

    Sooooo excited xx
  • ejay180ejay180 Posts: 192
    Congratulations to all you mummys 2 b xx
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