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Struggling with being a healthy Mum2B

Hi there ladies!

I guess I just wanted to see if I was alone or if there was anyone else feeling like me. I know there are plenty of sicky feeling mums2be but whats getting me down is being healthy.

I am expecting my 2nd on 25th June 2010, with my first all I could really stomach with the sickness in the 1st trimester was steak with mash, tomatoes, ice cubes, ice lollies or crisps and mild cheese (not all at the same time). With the sickness and fatigue, I do rely on my H2B to sort out dinner etc but I never actually fancy anything to eat much, when he cooks healthy meals I just can't stomach them. I hate to admit to this but a certain burger chain is the only thing that I actually enjoy eating, I don't in normal life usually have these only on very rare occasions. I haven't had one everyday, just had 2 so far in my pregnancy and am 9+3 but with other stuff I am trying to get down my throat is crisps, plain rice, chinese take away (usually rice dish again), forget to take my folic acid (pregnicare), no water, orange squash usually, barely any milk I just feel like the worst excuse. Not able to do exercise either as I just don't have the energy. Usually I am a fit and healthy person and to be honest, this is driving me so mad that I just can't wait till I can be like that again.

I totally take my hat off to those who cope with sickness and fatigue and still eat their veg and fruit and drink their water and exercise, fair play!

Is there anyone else out there like me? I like honesty but please be gentle ;o)

NJ x


  • Hi there Nicki. Well I for one am exactly the same. Healthiness has gone completely out of the window. Eating has become a horrible chore. If I find myself actually fancying something, it's a massive bonus - and I will sodding well have it, healthy or not. Yesterday all I wanted was yellow french fancies - yes those nasty lurid Mr Kipling things that I wouldn't normally touch with a bargepole. But I was so happy to find something I actually wanted to eat that it was a complete joy. I'd say bugger being healthy and do whatever you have to do to get through this. For me, if anything has the power to drag me out of the rapidly deepening pregnancy depression then it can only be a good thing.

    Don't beat yourself up about it. x
  • HuniibumpHuniibump Posts: 3,913 New bride
    This is the part I dread!! I'm not a healthy person as it is, hate ALL veg and athough I like fruit, I would sooner reach for crisps and all the snacks I should be avoiding!

    As long as your keeping something down I wouldn't worry to much NJ, you could try taking a few vitamin tablets if you think you could stomach them xx
  • after escaping any nausea til week 7 kicked in I now feel crap- the only things I've really fancied have been McD's but now I cant even think about that- I'm currently living on Cheese & Pickle idea why at lease its wholemeal bread and half fat cheese! If I eat too much in one sitting though I feel awful. Also I've no energy to excercise which is depressing and I've already put a few lbs on : ( - this is no fun at all!!
  • I think I'm trying too hard with my healthy eating!!

    I've bought fruit to work with me today - eaten my apple and just about stomached my satsuma, but that made me want to heave (felt fine when eating them last week!) and the thought of the banana that's sat on my desk makes me wanna heave even more!! Think i'm fed up of healthy food! Bought salad stuff for my lunches this week, but none of it appeals and I crave bread every day!!!!

    Could just shove a subway or a greggs down my throat - yum yum yum. We had a Maccy D's on Saturday, followed later on by a chinese.

    I think the trick is, not to try too hard!!

  • im glad im not the only one struggling to be healthy!!! cant stomach fruit makes me want to throw up, and most veg does too! i have taken to having 1 carton of apple juice and 1 carton of orange juice a day to give me a couple of portions...these go down well!! if my baby wants chocolate and burgers...that is what he will get lol!x
  • Ditto, for the last 3 months I've eaten rubbish!! Have tried to have veg with tea when possible, but alot of the time I've snacked and unfortunately that's usually been biscuits, crisps ,chocolate - I quite like Ryvetta at the moment so does that count as a bit of bran? lol.

    The main thing is you eat what you can and take supplements to replenish the vitamins and minerals that perhaps you low on xxx
  • Coco-25Coco-25 Posts: 1,105
    Ladies, please don't worry AT ALL about this. I had severe morning sickness (hyperemesis) and actually ended up in hospital as I couldn't keep anything down (including water) for 4 days and I also worried about the effect on my baby.

    When I could eat, it was only really unhealthily - Chinese takeaways, fries, and the only drink I could manage was Orangina! I'm usually a fairly healthy eater so I felt really guilty about it. BUT, your baby takes what it needs from you, and will be absolutely fine. My baby boy was a good size at birth and is now thriving! When I was in hospital for my sickness they didn't even check on the baby as they said it would be unaffected. So, stop worrying and eat what you can xx
  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002
    I'm not currently pregnant but have 4 children, and also work in the gynae/antenatal field so I thought I may be able to offer you some advice hun.

    Firstly, dont stress too much about what you are eating/not eating. As long as you are getting some food in you, your baby will take the nutrients it needs. Yes, obviously the healthier the food the better, but any food is better than no food right now!

    Secondly, have you got a mobile phone or an alarm that you can set to go off at the same time every day, so that you remember to take your folic acid? It really is importnant that you keep taking it every day up until 3 months pregnant. Or maybe stick a post-it label on your bottle of orange squash, reminding you to take it?

    The first 3-4 months are usually the worst with tiredness and sickness, then hopefully you will come out of it fine the other end and start to feel a bit better. Try going out for a short walk once a day, just round the block or something. I know you really may not feel like it, but it will do you the world of good.

    With my second, I was so sick up until 32 weeks, they were giving me scans saying my baby was tiny as I hadnt eaten enough and she wasnt developing properly etc, she arrived on her due date weighing 7lb 2oz and perfectly healthy, so try not to worry yourself too much.

    Hope things start to pick up for you soon xxxxxx
  • Oh thank you all so much, there are quite a few of you out there with the same huh and all you of you have made me feel much better thank you!! A couple of you I recognise to its so nice to have this support.

    Thank you all so much, will just concentrate on getting through it.

    I tell you something else I find funny, most of us enjoy drinking orange in some form, can't get enough of the stuff! Remembered to take my pregnicare today too. Managed one slice of toast with jam this morning.

    I will never take feeling normal for granted ever again, can't believe I am doing this for the 2nd time, I must be mad.

    Best wishes to all of you.

    NJ x
  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    I am 18 weeks today and I am still struggling to eat healthy, the only thing i really crave is Mash Potato but I can't have it because I have an intolerance to Potatoes. I've also developed a thing about Pure Orange Juice, cant get enough of the stuff, although the smell of someone peeling oranges just makes me retch. Its horrible!!!! Just wish I could eat like normal again
  • Oh hun, 18 weeks and still sick sucks big time, is this your 1st?

    Ladies, one thing my midwife said to me today and to be honest stories I have heard from ladies who haven't had sickness confirms this, if you don't have sickness nature will get you in some other way, difficult labour, problems breast feeding something like that, don't wish it on anyone but I have to say other than the sickness, everything else was plain sailing for me last time, would rather have an easy labour I suppose. So thought that might put some of your minds at rest a little.

    When I say difficult labours I don't mean anything completley dreadful but ladies I know who didn't get much or any sickness, then went to have high blood pressure, labour that went on for ever, lots of intervention and therefore tearing etc. Some did get induced and also c-sections. I just hope none of you do go through any of this as well as the sickness!

    NJ x
  • hi,

    i had bad sickness the whole way through and some days all i ate were ice cubes! My midwife told me that your body tells you want it wants and stressing about what your not eating is was! Just relax and enjoy your pregnancy ... i know its hard at times! I have a fantastic 3 month old now... all those maccy dee milkshakes did him no harn!!!
  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    It is indeed my 1st (and my last!!!) really don't think I could go through this again. The midwife told me last week that being sick signifies that you have strong pregnancy hormones flowing around your body, which is a good sign. Just wish the next 22 weeks would fly by though
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