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Hi all

Has anyone else just recently got their BFP? I did last week and am 4 weeks today. I would love to chat to anyone else at the same stage to compare symptoms, chat through concerns etc.;\)

I look forward to hearing from you xxxxx


  • Hi. Yes I have. got mine last Thursday I am about 5weeks roughly... How are you feeling?? I have sore boobs and am tired but other then that.... I am worried as I don't feel pregnant yet... thinking the worst and that... xx
  • Nancy1Nancy1 Posts: 241 New bride

    I just replied to you on your other post! I also found out last Thursday. I too have been worrying, but I dont really know what to expect. Lots of my friends are pregnant at the moment and said their real symptoms kicked in at 7 weeks, so perhaps we shouldn't wish the symptoms yet hun! xxxx
  • Replied to your other answer...x
  • HuniibumpHuniibump Posts: 3,913 New bride
    wish I could join you girls but just wanted to say congrats!!! xx
  • hp012hp012 Posts: 262
    hey i got mines last thurs and am so excited but also constantly worried something will go wrong ... its seems that its so common in the early days i can't help expecting it to happen if you know what i mean

    i think i'm about 5 weeks so very early days, don't have many symptoms just swollen boobs and tummy and needing to pee more

    its weird in a way i wish i had more symptoms so it would feel more real i guess i wouldn't be saying that if i had my head over the toilet constantly !!!

    hope you are all well, maybe we can go through it together


  • Power blue you sound exactly like me image I could have wrote your reply myself... Is this your first?have you told many people yet? xx
  • Hi Ladies, Yes me too!! I got mine on monday night and so far i just feel really bloated and cant fit in my jeans! lol and my bbobs hurt.

    One thing i do keep doing is buying test, cant stop it i keep checking little bean is still there (thats what me and H2B have named it). Is anyone else doing this, Its seems so silly to keep buying tests but i cant help it, i get so worried something will happen :\(

  • Nancy1Nancy1 Posts: 241 New bride
    Hello FMrsRedman

    MAHOOOSIVE congrats sweetie!

    Rest assured, it's normal - I have now done 6 tests. And I have now missed AF! Honetly, now I am addictyed to buying clear blue digital to check that I was a further week along from when I initially tested a week ago, which I was!

    Congrats - whoooooooooooooooohoooooooo what a feeling eh!

    How far along are you? Did you find out prior to missing your AF? xxx
  • Hi,

    I got my BFP today. I am very excited but nervous. Baby should be due around 3 August 2010. I am going to book a Doctor's appointment on Monday.

    My symptoms have been sore boobs and tiredness although I am having trouble sleeping even though I am so tired. I have also had what I thought were bad period pains which I have heard is normal.

  • hi there

    we recently got our suprise BFP image (I'm 5 weeks)

    I knew something wasnt quite right but then AF did a no show so I kinda knew then.

    LisaM29 - I have the exact same as you, I'm also bloated and hungrier.

    the cramps I've been told are normal and the muscles feel like I've been doing situps, apparently that's stretching pains. I guess it's getting roomy in there image

    we've already told just close family, we couldnt keep quiet lol will have to try and hang on alittle longer to tell others

  • hp012hp012 Posts: 262
    hey yeah this is my 1st baby and i'm also addicted to doing the clear blue digital tests - its costing me a fortune - think its time to stop or i won't be able to afford to have a baby

    is anyone else really moody ? i feel like i can't help it but am taking it out on hubby which i feel bad about

  • i'm not moody really, just tired. hubby is being a star so i really dont have anything to moan at him for lol

    i feel more emotional as in I could quite easily cry at any moment for no reason lol

    I've warned hubby lol
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