Maternity Wear - Where to Shop?

If you go into the Oracle in Reading, there is a Mamas and Papas, and an H&M which has a maternity section. And debenhams and Doroth Perkins have maternity sections too. There's also the regular mothercare in the high street.


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    Where abouts in the South East are you? As you've got Bluewater which has loads of shops that do maternity wear

  • if you find which of the larger stores there are, some are better than others. all the high street shops do a goodish range. DP, next, motthercare etc. personallly,. my faves were from vertbaudet but they are not on high street. really comfy clothes though and quite stylish too. x
  • Topshop do maternity clothes too. Worth a look.
  • Jo Jo Maman Bebe do really nice 'party' wear. I had a lovely dress from them a couple of years ago - won't go into details but not the usual black. They often have really good discounts online. If you order anything from them (mama or baby) their sizes come up really, really big.
  • You can check online with some shops whether that branch has a maternity section.

    Next do maternity wear which is really good, Mothercare, Blooming Marvellous, H&M, Dorthy Perkins, Topshop, New Look, Debenhams I am sure there are more so you have got a lot to chose from and then on the web there are tones! Ebay is quite good as some ladies sell bundles. Also for some really lovely, cool, young stuff does maternity.

    Enjoy, how lucky are you your mum taking you shopping for maternity clothes! LOL My sister just gave me two bags full of the stuff so hoping I will fit some of it.

    Enjoy x
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