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Confused about ovulation!!

This is my first month of TTC and I had my last AF on the 21st Nov, which I think if im right makes it CD9? I dont know if im looking into it too much, but i feel like im having ovulation pains. This is my first month after coming off the pill so my cycle may still be messed up, but do you think it could be-I thought it'd be too early?x


  • HuniibumpHuniibump Posts: 3,913 New bride
    Hi Mrs Hil, your CD10, you count day 1 as the first day you see "real blood" so that sounds about right for the start of ov pains. I came off the pill last month as well and started getting cramps around the same time, using my ov tests I know I ov'd on CD13/14 so my advice is get BD'ing image x
  • nicronnicron Posts: 123
    Woo hoo-thanks Huni, its so exciting!!x
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