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Anyone had a 4D Scan?

Hi Girls,

Hope you are all ok.

Just a quickie, my hubby has booked and bought a 4D scan for my xmas prezzie image I am currently 28 weeks with our first baby and am going for the scan tomorrow (xmas eve). I am soooo excited but apprehensive about seeing it too. Just hope everyting is ok.

Just wondering if anyone else has had a 4D scan and if anyone has any pics from it that they would be happy to share? What were your feelings about the scan?

Merry christmas to you all and hope 2010 brings everyone what they are wishing for and happy and healthy pregnancies and babies to those who have already got a BFP.

Lots of love xxxxx


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    OOOO how exciting! I had a 4d scan at 27 weeks and it was amazing! Be prepared to be overwhelmed! If youre anything like me reality will hit that youre not gonna be a mummy, but youre a mummy already! Its amazing being able to see your precious bar of gold and what he/she will look like! Make sure youve got some tissues with you just incase you have a whinge like I did!!

    Ill add some 4d scan photo's now for you to have a look at!




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    BTW as them if they can give you the weight of your baby - mine was 2lb 3oz at my scan and estimated 8lb at birth!


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  • That's amazing, thank you for sharing Mrs Paula! What a lovely Xmas present hc2b, enjoy and let us know how it went
  • I had a 4D scan as well - I was I think 28 weeks. I'm being a bit stupid and can't post any pics from it though, sorry. I know they are here on the computer somewhere but can I find them...?!

    It was brilliant though, I was really glad I did it.

    It was fab! Could see everything so clearly - even baby's little nipples!! Eyes blinking, yawning, tongue poking out etc. Absolutely brilliant!

    For me this whole pregnancy thing has been extremely surreal - I never thought I would get pregnant and I still struggle with the idea that there *really* is a baby in there!!! (and I'm now 32 weeks and the baby is jumping around like mad all the time!)

    I really loved the 4D scan, I think it helped me personally because I felt like I can get to know the baby a little bit better prior to the birth, it has helped me really believe in it if you know what I mean (I know that sounds a bit stupid, hard to explain it).

    Also, it was very reassuring. I liked the idea that she has this whole little life going on in there. The sonographer said she was a "difficult baby to scan", I asked what he meant (how dare someone critcise my baby?!?!) and he said she was very "busy" and always on the go. And she was. Arms and hands all over the place, fingers in mouth, back out of mouth, arms up above head, foot up by mouth etc. It was nice to think of her living her life in there and seeing what she is up to.

    Have a great day tomorrow. I'm sure you'll love it.


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  • Argh! It doesn't work!! What am I doing wrong.....
  • What the heck is happening...! I'm so sorry.

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  • I'm clearly being a bit stupid somewhere along the line...I'll try the old school way of putting links on!

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    There you go ExcitedElly, you just have to copy and past the URL under 'properties' when you right click on the picture.

    Love everyones 4d pics, I'd definately want one when i get pregnant. Not even TTC yet am just loitering gathering info.

    Good luck ladies xxx
  • Aw thanks Mills2B!
  • Hey girls,im 17 weeks pregnant and thinkin of goin for a 4d scan.Ive been told to go after im 20 weeks thats when its best.But i dont want to know the sex of the baby is that possible??
  • I'm sure if you said you didn't want to know the sex of the baby they would easily be able to avoid that area! When we had the scan she had a "check" of the sex for us because we asked (had already been told at 20 week scan that baby was a little girl) and she showed us - actually quite hard to see anyway unless you know what you're looking for and apart from them the scan was mainly concentrated on face and hands and feet. So I'm sure if you said you didn't want to know - you would not know!
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