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Multiple birth insurance

Hi all,

Has anyone taken this out or looked into it? Both hubby and I have history of multiple births in our families, in fact I am an identical twin, and we are just wanting to try and see how much it might be to cover ourselves.

Any advice is welcome.


  • robsiarobsia Posts: 456
    What exactly is it?
  • ejhunterejhunter Posts: 678
    Robsia, you can take out an insurance policy that pays out if you have more than one baby. I think you have to take it out before your 10th or 11th week, and before your first scan, but other knowing those bits we are struggling to find companies that actually offer it! x
  • Hi MrsRussell was ejhunter, i dont know anything about "multiple birth insurance" but identical twins arent hereditary so you would have no more of a chance than anyone else of giving birth to identical twins.

    Also any multiple births on your husbands side wouldnt make you any more likely to give birth to twins.

    What can pass down the generations is the ability to release more than on egg each month leading to non-identical twins. This would only affect your pregnancy if it was happening to you.

    In other words, if there are non-identical twins on your side your risk of a multiple birth might be higher, anything to do with your husband or identical twins wouldnt alter your risk of multiple pregnancy. x
  • Mim23ukMim23uk Posts: 1,163
    I was just about to write what mrsmccoy has just said. You're unlikely to have twins unless your mother has had non-identical twins as this would indicate a possibility of you inheriting the multiple egg releasing gene.

    We were contemplating this, but it probably isn't necessary for us as there are only twins in my mum's generation.x
  • I had a friend who was an identical twin. She had twins! The docs said that it was like a million to 1 so maybe you need to get to the bookies too?? Then you'd have the money to take care of them!!


  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002
    I was just going to say what the others had said, with regards to releasing multiple eggs and this running in families.

    I have 2 sisters who are non-identical twins so my mum obviously released 2 separate eggs, and then I fell pregnant with non-identical triplets (which I sadly lost at 16 weeks preg). So I too had released more than one egg.

    With regards to the insurance , I think it is entirely up to you and your other half to decide whether paying the premium is worth it or not. I've got an increased risk of having a multiple birth now as I've already got 4 children (the risk increases a fair bit on your 5th pregnancy or higher apparently!), but the insurance is not really something I would consider. Yes, you do get quite a good payout if you have twins or more, but I think paying at least £100 premium (often more), is too much to pay, that would go a long way to paying for things for your new baby instead!

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do though hun xxx
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