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I thought I'd start this thread as I cant find anything similar on here...

Basically I am now 30 weeks pregnant and due 6 weeks before my wedding (17th May) to my childhood sweetheart of 9 years!!Eeek!

Many people would ask 'why not move the wedding back' however when my OH proposed we decided on this date for a very special would have been my late grandads 90th birthday! So as you can see there's noway I'd move it...not even back a year as it takes away the speciality of the occasion! And i fell pregnant very quickly...

i am really stressing out now though as I thought I'd have it all under control for my dress etc i seem to be much bigger than my first pregnancy and Im stessing about many things (the wedding night!) If my new baby girl is overdue by 14days then that gives me 4 weeks etc etc and there's loads of other things that Im worried about....

However I am DETERMINED not to change the date as so many deposits etc have been paid!

It would be nice to find others in the same situation for a bit of support and love! image


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  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    we had booked our wedding for the 21st May then found out we were expecting and baby would arrive around the 28th April. So we moved the wedding to the 7th August. Hopefully this will be enough time to lose the extra weight I've put on and hopefully I will get into my dress that I ordered before I found out I was expecting

    Dawn 26+6
  • ZoeCukZoeCuk Posts: 55
    Hi Everyone

    Im currently 19th weeks pregnant and get married march. So hope im going to fit in my dress image

    Its my first so not that bigh yet but worried xx
  • Hey girls!

    Nice to hear I'm not the only 1!lol

    the dress I've got still fit me at about 4monghs pregnant (just!) so I know it's going to be a squeeze!eek!

    I'm REALLY gutted we don't get our dream honeymoon, not just because of my babies but money aswell! image boo so were not going anywhere straight away but hopefully going away on a family hol at the end of the year!! I'm very much in need of some sun!

    So how are you all finding your pregnancies? I'm exhausted

    now! I'm finding it much harder than first time round! (something to do with being highly unfit!)

    Lucy100 what date do you get married? I'm sure you'll look gorgeous! And with an extra glow too!

    This little lady will be about 4weeks old at the least on my wedding day and I'm hoping to feed her myself...another stress! How will I manage that? And I don't think I will be happy leaving her with anyone overnight at that point...but no doubt the fianc???? will be in a drunken state so much that he will just conk out!lol and that's another thing...not a lot of drinking for me image

    Ahh well it's making us all a proper family that's important to me not so much the material things (she says!!)

  • ZoeCukZoeCuk Posts: 55
    Aw it can be very hard cant it. Our date is 13th March, just really hope i dont look to pregnant on wedding day - although i feel so fat and ugly now image
  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    I've been worrying about the breastfeeding thing will I be able to do it in my wedding dress,,,,Aaaarrgghhh...I know you can get breastpumps but can you actually pump enough out to cover a days worth of feeds. My little Nell will be 3 months old when we get married

    Lucy100.....25 weeks pregnant and getting married....eeek, I'm 27 weeks tomorrow with my first and couldn't imagine getting married at this stage...the tiredness and indigestion are killing me....but I'm sure you'll be fine!!!!
  • Hi Gelybean

    I'm not in quite the same situation as I was meant to be getting married last September, but mum was battling cancer and was too ill to be there.

    So we cancelled everything last minute apart from the honeymoon. Turns out my baby would've been an honeymoon baby as we conceived while away.

    But looking forward we've re-booked everything, but for May 2011 as I couldn't face being heavyilly pregnant for this year or with a new born.

    I take my hat off to you all for being braver then me.

    I'm sure you'll be fine with your dress, but I understand your concerns.

    Try not to worry.

  • Well i think im bonkers to be doing it and if i wasn't so stubborn id have put it back a year...but we're also thinking of emmigrating in 2014 and we would have 1 year less of savings so that was another reason!!

    Lucy how you getting on?? In my first pregnancy i was barely showing at 25 wks...(not this time though!) and you tend to be smaller first time round im sure you'll look gorge!!

    Scarletbride im sorry to hear about your mum! And hope your wedding goes good! And good luck with the baby!

    Not sure about expressing as i didn't manage it very well with my defo recommend an electric though as the manuals are shocking! You can freeze breast milk so might be an idea to just express one lot a day a couple of weeks before??

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