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Has anyone had a baby who suffers from vaginismus?

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  • I read the title and thought you meant had a baby wit the condition doh - that confused me! lolimage

    I can't really help as not had the condition so am no expert, but in my mind I would suggest that your body will take over when baby enters the World and so I don't see how it would affect you honey - best thing to do is talk to your GP/midwife for reassurance though. If you did go into spasm they might be able to give you a relaxant of some kind, but I would have thought hormones would take over in a birth situation xx

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    Aw love I really feel for you. I have no personal experience of vaginismus, but I do see many women with it as part of my job.

    Understandably you would be worried about pregnancy & labour as you have this condition.

    With regards to pregnancy itself, remember that you dont HAVE TO have any internal examinations whilst pregnant. Many women with vaginismus go throughout their whole pregnancies without being examined once. Even women without the condition do not have internal exams, as it is a risk of infection. So if there is nothing wrong, things are best left alone anyway! Obviously if your midwife feels that they need to examine you for the welfare of you or your baby, then explain to them you have vaginismus and get them to take it very slowly. Some women even find it better if they insert the speculum themselves, then let the doctor or midwife take over from there.

    With regards to labour, your body will take over, and you should be able to have your baby vaginally if you wish. Having a baby coming out is totally different from being penetrated. Vaginal delivery with vaginismus isnt totally without complications though. The stretching can often be very very painful. Some women would also need an episiotomy (small cut) to help get baby out. Before that panics you too much though, just remember that many many women without vaginismus have to have episiotomies too. Once you are pregnant, you may want to be referred to see a consultant, or discuss with your midwife what your options are. An Epidural is a good option for the pain, but it doesnt mean you have to have one.

    Please also rmember that labour probably isnt going to cure your vaginismus. Some women believe it will, as they have managed to get a baby out! But unfortunatly for many women they go back to having the condition as they did before.

    You do sound like you are coping well with things though, and I wish you every luck in falling pregnant and being able to give birth naturally.

    If you have any more questions at all, or are unsure of anything, dont hesitate to ask hun.

    Good luck! xxxxxxxx
  • 2peas2peas Posts: 123
  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002
    No worries hun, glad its put your mind at rest a bit.

    Hope to hear some baby news from you some time after May.........! xxxxx
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