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Has anyone had an appointment with a consultant when they should have had a 12 week scan? Well, actually I think i'm having a scan as well, just a bit worried as the letter says i will be 2-3 hours ... is this normal?! What the hell are they going to be testing for? They've already taken my blood for testing ... there can't be that many tests surely?!

Getting a bit worried now ... eeeekkk


  • Hmmm, that does seem like a long appointment. Why not call the midwife and ask what it is for and what will be covered. Presuming that it is standard in your area or something like that. Anywya, would have thought midwife would be able to run through things with you and set your mind at rest.

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    we were always there for aggges, but actual appointment with consultant was about 30 mins. Theres always a wait before going in, then routine mw test - bp and urine, the wait, then consultant, then wait then scan. Take snacks and drinks!!!

    Em x
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    Cool ... thanks ladies ... i was wondering what the hell they were going to do for that long, but if it's all waiting it won't be that bad. I will stock up on crisps and jelly sweets before i go then. Phew. x
  • I think the best advice given so far is call your midwife just to check but I think that is just a time given to allow for. They took more bloods from me at the 12 week scan as this is all towards the test for downs, they compare your blood results with the results of the scan i.e. measurements of babies, head and neck and allsorts. The consultant thing probably sounds worse than it is, to be honest I didn't see a consultant but it maybe to just go over everything with you, especially if it is your first baby.

    In the scan this can take a while too as they are checking everything to make sure all is well and growing nicely, check the placenta and all that. Oh and try to get lots of lovely pictures of your baby for you too.

    Call your midwife, put the worry out of your mind as the 12 week scan is something you should be looking forward to and enjoy.

    Best wishes

    NJ x
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    Thanks Nicki ... i think i'll ring her in a minute. Trying to get hold of my mum cos she'll know, but she's out, so will ring midwife in a min. It does sound a bit daunting, but if its just blood tests and waiting for results, that's not too bad.

    Hope everything is going ok with you now. x
  • Hey Mama Mads, I've got my hospital appointment next week and it says on the letter expect to be there for about 2 hours. I thought it was completely normal (first baby, completely useless!) It says on there that they'll do bloods, urine, weight (oh dear), height and then scan and then see doctor.

    When are you due?

    Bebs 12 weeks today! x x x
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    hey ladies, quick question, how many times did you see the Dr/Midwife before your scan appt? I am 5 weeks at the moment and have to wait until I am 9 weeks for my first appointment with the midwife, is this normal?

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    When you call your mw, ask if you can eat before if they take blood. It may be fine but your sugar level may be wrong if you fill up on jelly babies beforehandimage

    mimi, it's normal, my mw said they like to see people around 8 to 10 weeks. xx
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    mrs bebs g - Its my first as well, so that's why i was worried. At least it wasn't just me. I was wondering what sort of tests they were going to have to do if i was there that long, but from everyone is saying it sounds quite normal. Nothing said about having a full bladder before i go though, so a bit odd there. I'm 13 weeks on Tuesday, so you're just behind me. When's your due date?

    Mimi82 - i think that sounds quite normal. I only went at 10 weeks to get seen, but they did say that was a bit late on, so maybe different areas have different rules?

    Minnie - didn't even think about that!!! Maybe I'll just hold off eating the sweets until after they've taken my blood just to be on the safe side.

    Thanks ladies xxx
  • I'm due on 13th August, friday 13th august!

    Don't think I'll have a scan next week though as i had one 2 weeks ago at the epu as I had some bleeding. I'm quite looking forward to a) seeing the hospital that i'll be having the baby in and b) getting some advice on eating and sickness etc.

    I think a lot of it will be waiting around though!

    Let me know how you get on

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