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Paranoid or pregnant


I am got myself in such a tiz recently !! I am on the pill but have not had a proper AF since 7th feb i had a tiny light bleed at beginning of March (TMI Sorry) I took a first response test when it didnt come and got a wierd three line one as flossie has and then did another the following morning and it was a BFN.

I assumed i was not pregnant until for the last 3 days i have felt nausous and bloated.I took another FR test last night and it was negative but i had drunk about 2 pints of water the hour before taking it so i dont know if that effected it.

My AF has still not turned up and i am due to have my next AF First week in April so i suppose i should wait to see what happens.

I am confused though !!


  • have you dont the tests in the morning, the hormone it tests for is meant to be stronger at this time, also supermarket tests are just as good, so dont waste too much money on expensive ones, i would go and see the doctor if you dont have one by early april though cos it could be a number of things affecting your AF such as stress etc x
  • Hey,

    Sorry to hear you are still worrying over lack of AF. Not sure if this helps but the 3 line FR were def faulty tests, I found a thread on another site where a few people had had these and FR said they were faulty. This has been confirmed for me through countless negatives and a blood test at Dr's. So I wouldn't read too much into that test but I would go and see your Dr if AF doesn't come in April as there may be some other reason your not having AF esepcially as you are on pill and so in theory it should be regular. Though that's not to say you aren't pregnant and as futuremrscover says test again with fmu (maybe try a superdrug one as these are supposed to be very good and sensitive). Hope you get some answers xx
  • Im in a similar situation myslef bout if im being paranoid or a maybe pregnant.

    Im also on the pill, but swapped to a diff one (cuz of headaches) bout 6 months ago and so this one is not as strong. I have never fully trusted it and so with getting married in may me and OH decided to use other protection to.

    anyway to cut a long story short we stopped other protection after last AF.

    For the last week and half ive been feeling very sicky (not been though) and been getting cramping in my tummy. also had a pink loss early last week.

    Would u test if u was me or just see if it settles and see how AF is next week?

    Thanks, any advice would be great xx
  • Hey, Mrsadams, if you're due on next week it may be worth testing but you should wait until day AF is due to get a more accurate result. xx
  • Thanks flossie81, also been feeling really really tired.

    Im out at the weekend for OH's 30th birthday so didnt know weather to test sat - AF due sun/mon. cuz if i do get a BFP then i know not to drink.

  • if AF is due sun/mon you could probably test Sat morning with a sensitive test like first response or superdrugs own brand and use FMU and if you are pregnant a line would probably show at that stage (though may be faint) xx
  • thanks hun - will prob try that image xx
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