Recurrent Miscarriage Advice

Hi ladies,

I am just looking for a bit of advice really, from anyone in a similar boat, or just to hear any similar stories from anyone who has experienced repeat miscarriages.

I am currently suffering my second loss in 5 months. I lost my first late last year at 10.5 weeks. I am now loosing my second at 11.5 weeks, after my h2b and I had been for an early scan this time at 7.5 weeks just to check that everything was okay this time round. Everything had looked healthy and normal and we saw our little bean wriggling around with a healthy heartbeat. I just can't get my head around what went wrong between then and now.

What makes me angry is that we have spoken to the doctors and they just shrug it off saying 'you're young (we're 25), you're healthy, it must have just been bad luck.' I had believed that the first one was bad luck, but again?! I am seriously worried that there is an underlying cause for this which now makes me terrified to get pregnant again as I am convinced that it will just happen again. I don't want to face loosing another baby if it's something that can be prevented.

So the doctors won't run any simple blood tests or scans to look for a cause until we have suffered a third consecutive loss, which I just think is ridiculous! It makes me so mad!! I just know that I will feel so much more comfortable falling pregnant again if I know that they have run some tests, whether they find a cause or not.

So I was just wanting to hear any similar stories from ladies who have suffered more than one loss and how it all played out? Were you able to get tests done? Were you able to go on to have a healthy pregnancy? If we can't get tests done, we have discussed going down the private route to run some tests - has anyone done this and would know how to go about it, costings, etc?

Thank you so much for your help, keeping my fingers crossed for third time lucky for me.



  • Hi SkyeC

    I am so sorry to hear about your losses. It must be such a tough time for you and my thoughts are with you.

    The exact same thing happened to my BF, I know how horrendous it was for her, as the NHS did not do anything, she ended up going privately to Zita West who was amazing. She went to see a consultant and they found out very quickly what was wrong with her (Antiphospholipid syndrome). She had to inject Heparin everyday and now has 2 very healthy babies. Zita West has a really good website and can also help with any questions.

    I hope this helps a little and I really hope that you find out soon what is causing this.

  • SkyeCukSkyeCuk Posts: 38
    Thank you so much littlesquirrel, it is so comforting to hear of others in similar circumstances who have had very positive outcomes! It gives me some hope that we can hopefully have a healthy baby one day.

    Thank you for the website and recommendation, I will definately check it out. It just is so infuriating that NHS won't test until 3 losses, I just worry that if we wait for a third time it might turn out to be something preventable like your friend who would have lost another one unnecessarily had she not gone privately!

    Thank you so much for your thoughts and advice, I am so happy to hear that everything turned out well for your friend and she was blessed with two healthy babies.

  • SkyeCukSkyeCuk Posts: 38

    Has anyone else experienced multiple miscarriages and gone on to have a healthy baby, either with or without medical intervention??

    Just looking for some reassurance!
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