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Weight loss

Just me worrying again........

I lost about 10 lb in the 1st trimester, i guess with the sickness and i really lost my appetitie.

I havent really got my appetitie back properly and i am trying to eat more healthy foods than i did before also. Don't get me wrong, i eat plenty but i did eat very unhealtily before although i wasnt overweight.

But i have only put on about 2lb of the 10 i lost. Should i be worried about the baby or do you think it is normal considering my eating habits have chnaged?


  • i'm glad i saw this post....

    i have just come out of my 1st trimester and have lost weight too. within the last week i have lost 4lbs, the baby however grew 1.2cms in this time too so i think thats where my energy is focusing now.

    I have had nausea but not every day, rather than crave food i have really gone off most of the food i loved. i can now only eat chicken and salad and anything else just makes me shudder.

    The baby is doing fine and growing really well but the rest of me is shrinking.

    Before i fell pregnant i was overweight and didnt eat very healthly, perhaps its my bodies way or prioritsing for the baby. My Husband is not happy that the takeaways have gone out of the window though!

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