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Gestational diabetes

Anyone else got any experience of this? Waiting for blood tests to come back after the midwife found sugar in my urine this morning, and feeling pretty worried.

No more Creme Eggs for Rhubarb.


  • MrsHobbesMrsHobbes Posts: 1,762
    Hi Rhubarb. I've never been pregnant myself so haven't had direct experience, but my boss had this last year when she was pregnant. She just had to modify her diet much like a diabetic would, but she's fine now bubs has arrived. Hope that helps and hope you're not worrying too much. :\) How far along are you?
  • mummy22ukmummy22uk Posts: 694
    Hi hun from 7 months pg I had my blood sugars tested every 2 weeks for GD as baby was on the big side & my levels were high. I LOVE sugar and had to go cold turkey for the last 8 weeks which was so hard- not even a sugar in my tea!Anyway baby was big- 10lbs!Which when you are only 5 2 and tiny youself looks plain silly!But she was fine (had jaundice but so did my first baby) and I'm fine now. I am in Spain though and they are very very strict about controlling it here so probably a different process to the UK?Good Luck!x
  • RhubarbulousRhubarbulous Posts: 1,989
    Hi, thanks girls. I'm 26 weeks, and the baby is massive; I thought it was because hubby is 6' 4" (I'm only 5' 3") but now I am worrying it's because I have been eating so much chocolate and puddings. I have a terribly sweet tooth, but never really thought much of it because I've always been slim. I've just been googling and it's terrified me that the baby could end up with diabetes or be obese, just because I've been a bit heavy on the snacks. So it's really good to hear that your babies were fine (or your boss's, I should say, Mrs Hobbes!).

  • LaaaaaLaaaaa Posts: 2,290
    Hey hun, I just saw this. They tested me for GD too and it came back clear even though I had a mahoosive baby! When do they come back? Try not to fret pet - and NO googling!
  • MrsSettersMrsSetters Posts: 3,074
    If you've got it, they've caught it in great time and can give you excellent advice on managing it, which will mean you have the same chance of a healthy pregnancy and happy baby as any other pregnant lady. It's only dangerous if undetected/untreated, or you don't take it seriously, and I know you will!

    Why do you say the baby is massive, who has told you this and based on what evidence?
  • RhubarbulousRhubarbulous Posts: 1,989
    Thanks LA&H and Mrs Setters.

    Just got the test results back this afternoon and they are normal, thank goodness. But I'm definitely going to try to eat a bit more healthily from now on anyway - although I couldn't resist celebrating with a little creme egg on the way home!

    It was at the scan where we realised it's a large baby, from the measurements they took. They were all well over average, several of them right at the maximum end of the range.

    Rhubarb x
  • MrsSettersMrsSetters Posts: 3,074
    Yep, my little hippo was measuring well ahead even at the anomaly scan, but with diabetes problems it's not until a bit later that they actually start packing on excess fat, so chances are your LO is big just because he or she is just destined to be so, not because of anything you're doing.

    Glad to hear you got the all clear! xx
  • RhubarbulousRhubarbulous Posts: 1,989
    Thanks Mrs Setters - very reassuring!
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