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FAO of the lucky pregnant ladies :D

Hi ladies!

I just read about this website on BE, it's

If you register you can download and print off coupons that you bring to Argos and redeem for a free pregnancy goodie bag. There's 3 bags altogether, 1 for pre-natal, 1 for 7 months pregnant and 1 for post-natal. You pick which you want but can claim all 3

Just thought I'd share because everyone loves a freebie image xx


  • bets101bets101 Posts: 596
    hi, i got one today, the midwife gave me a form!

    its quite good!

  • HuniibumpHuniibump Posts: 3,913 New bride
    oo I thought it was only the bounty packs the mw gave you, good to know, can't wait until I can claim 1! xx
  • ahh thanks for sharing huni image xxx
  • alisonmariebalisonmarieb Posts: 1,088
    Thanks huni. I won't tell my mum as she just told me off for ordering books so early!x
  • Meldx1Meldx1 Posts: 865
    Thanks for that Huni, off to check it out now. Am sure it won't be long at all before you are ordering one too xxxx
  • TwinMumVixTwinMumVix Posts: 844
    thanks huni, i got that in my pack from the dr's yesterday might go get my mum 2 be pack today!
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