BFP but brown discharge (also on BE)

Hi ladies, well today is AF due date and I've tested again and got another line but then an hour later I felt this discharge come out, sorry if TMI. It was light brown with what looked like a tiny clot or crusty bit! I'm guessing AF is round the corner?! Just so confused, can anyone help? Xx


  • Meldx1Meldx1 Posts: 865
    It could be implantation bleed, I would wait another day or two and test again. I had BFN up to and including the day I was due AF had a light bleed then, but then a week nd a half later had my BFP xx
  • lauraattylauraatty Posts: 168
    I have been having brown discharge since the beginning really and it took ages for my BFP so it prob is implantation bleed.Fingers crossed.Keepus posted.xx
  • BeckyWoo1BeckyWoo1 Posts: 284
    Hi girls, Thanks for your reassurance. Do you know if this is what the clot could be then? It's more the clot that I'm worried about xx
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