Giving birth 84 years ago - funny

My Great Grantmother is 102 and still alive today. Her eldest son is 84.

I was told a funny story about it today.

When she was due to give birth at 18 she called her mother to get her to come around. Her mum asked if she was going into labour yet etc. My great grandmother replied - 'My belly button is sticking out, but it hasn't started to open up yet'

I laughed so much when I heard this. But then thought OMG what must it of been like in those days to be pregnant! I guess my great grandmother at 18 was pretty young in those days to be having a baby so perhaps that is something to do with it.

Anyway people often tell funny stories of how children think these things happen, so thought 'I'd share this one!


  • Oh my gosh! This is quite funny, I'm so glad we have sex education now! Most of my great grandparents (I've known six of them) had their children very young i.e. 16/17, I think it was often the norm at that age, closely after their shot gun wedding!
  • Oh bless her, partly funny but then you think how cruel to be that far along and still not know whats going to be happening. Just goes to show how much has changed since then eh!

    Thanks for the story!

    NJ x
  • Gosh how scary! How things change! xxx
  • berly153berly153 Posts: 737
    i explained the basics of how babies were made to my son who was abot 8 at the time. i was telling him that mens testicles make the sperm which looks like tiny little tadpoles. he rolls his eyes blows out and exasperated sigh and says 'no, they dont'. and walks off disgusted that i was making up rubbish............................
  • hc2bhc2b Posts: 138
    Awww what a lovely story of history!! I guess we dont know how lucky we are now do we? xxx
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