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Hi girls,

We weren't planning on trying for a few months, so i bought some cheap opks from the internet to see when (and if) i was ovulating (irregular since coming off the pill).

So in the end we decided not to wait and this is our first month ttc. Wanted to take it easy and not stress, but figured that as i already have the opks i might as well use them.

I've been getting really faint lines for about a week now. Anyway, today a friend gave me a clear blue ovulation predictor kit that she bought but never used because she got her BFP. I've been having some mild pains around my ovary, some EWCM and chocolate cravings so had a feeling that the time was right. So i decided to do both the ebay cheapie and the CB.

Well, the CB is positive (yay for me, lots of BDing to commence) but the ebay cheapie is negative.

This is a warning really not to trust the cheap ebay ones. If i had i'd be oblivious and probably would have been really worried when AF came and i hadn't had a positive OPK.

Hope this helps someone x
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