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Update for you girls!! ADVICE

Hi girls,

Sorry not been on this site since Friday, its been a very busy weekend and at work yesterday.

At the weekend we told both sets of parents, and bro and sis we are pregnant, my family over the moon!! On Sunday and Monday I noticed I had some spotting (not blood just pale beige colour when whiped), now its turned to really stretchy mucus(gloopy and snot-like and beige in colour), I'm hoping its an implantation bleed, not sure what it is, there's no bleeding as such. What do you think??

Still early days, went to the docs last night, he said even though the clear blue said 2-3 weeks last monday 22nd that it was too early to pick up pregnancy hormones, so in 2 weeks going back for a pregnancy blood test and early scan to check everything ok.

My hubby is chuffed to bits and completely wrapping me up in cotton wool, he won't let me do anything, its brilliant, have to say I'm aching all over at the moment, my boobs are hurting like crazy and have gone like rocks and grown, its so strange, I normally don't have much in that department, hubby well impressed!! LOL.

Anyway more good news, have decided to look for a new house to move into, started looking at the weekend, and we have got the most lush one accepted as ours, 4 bedroom 3 storey townhouse and we're looking at some new build houses tonight as well.

Its such an exciting time.

Please can someone clarify what the cervical mucus is and if there's anything to worry about, doctor said its perfectly normal and not to worry, which is why he's not doing the blood test for another 2 weeks because if its negative I'll get anxious and stressed.. oh well, I bought "your pregnancy bible" and "week-by-week pregnancy", books both thoroughly reccomended. Happy days. XXX


  • clayrebearclayrebear Posts: 2,481
    can't believe I have to wait 2 weeks to find out whether its official from the blood test.. rarrhhh!!

    Then after that get another docs appointment and hopefully an early scan, I'm worried about hiding it from work, what sort of excuse would you use, I don't want to tell work till 3 months. XXX
  • mrslast2bmrslast2b Posts: 449
    awww glad ur feeling well and everyones happy for u! and that hubbys happy with ur boobidge lol. new house aswell! its all go for u atm! LOL at gloopy and snot-like, lots of CM is normal in early pregancy, so is brown discharge i beleive, spotting is also common too, i wouldnt worry atall, if its beige or brown then all should be well, i think its only really red people worry about, and even then lots of girlies on here are fine. so just relax and enjoy, u will be fine hun xxxx
  • clayrebearclayrebear Posts: 2,481
    Thanks for the reassurance girls!! XX
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