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I am STUCK!!!! New chat layout!!

Hey it me just being thick due to hormones or is this site sooo rubbish since the changes? I cannot find any of my old posts on the October thread and I have just replied and have no idea where it is...someone please help me...!! xxx


  • also how do you skip through to the last post on a thread cos when i click 'next' it just comes up with a post reply box? imageimage

  • EbansmummyEbansmummy Posts: 1,227
    Its rubbish. I cant get to the last post on the due in may group, It takes me quite a few pages in but not to the last one!! The only thing that really annoyed me last time was when the right hand ad covered posts. They said they wouldnt have it when it changed but its still there and still covers posts!!! image
  • Mimi82ukMimi82uk Posts: 280
    They've changed my name! Not happy - haha! I don't like change...x
  • Mimi82ukMimi82uk Posts: 280
    how do you get to the end of our due in October thread, i can't get past page 17...and I know it's longer than that! x
  • HuniibumpHuniibump Posts: 3,913 New bride
    I HATE this new site, it's awful how all the topics are all bunched up, we can't edit our posts, my wedding counter has gone and the drop down menu that let you skip through the forums has gone

    I'm not a happy bunny image
  • natster26natster26 Posts: 739
    i cant see past 10th march date on sept thread and that is def longer than that - i can even see someone has just replied and cant get on to see - hope it gets better soon imageimageimage
  • LampiekatLampiekat Posts: 3,527
    Bring back the old one but just tweek it by fixing the problems it had like adverts getting in way etc.

    I don't like this new layout at all
  • mrslast2bmrslast2b Posts: 449
    me either! grrr, no wedding counter image do any of u girlies get an email when someone has peplied to one of ur threads? if so how do u set that up please? i used to have it, but gone now image how annoying! x
  • i hate this new forum layout...

    i cant get past page one on the due in nov thread!!!!

    aaarrghhhhhhhhhh i too hate change, was much better before imageimageimageimageimageimageimage
  • nicronnicron Posts: 123
    I also HATE this new layout-its horrid!!! I've been trying to login for the last couple of days and it wouldnt let me!!image

  • RRadford84RRadford84 Posts: 811
    totally agree girls!! The site is C*R*A*P!!!

    Mimi82 I know..we were on about page 40 the last time I logged in now can't get past page 17 either!!

    So frustrating!!

  • I hate it too after using this site for a couple of yrs and now its all changed. Its so annoying!
  • dial-emmadial-emma Posts: 134
    Hi Bec (and everyone else), I was having the same problems couldnt get to our latest posts on our October thread. Shall we start a new one?
  • mrslast2bmrslast2b Posts: 449
    hope they dont do this to BE too! x
  • N222N222 Posts: 460
    I hate it too! It wouldn't let me log in, I had to ask for a new password. It sent me one and then it took about 4 hours to let me log in using it. I've then had to edit my profile and add it a load of 'required' fields just to go back to my original password!

    Can't find anything and can't reach the end of threads either!

  • mrslast2bmrslast2b Posts: 449
    yep i had the exact same thing N22, its so frustrating! bring back old YAYW! xxxx
  • BeckiLou5BeckiLou5 Posts: 813
    I hate this new layout too!

    I thought it was me being hormonal and irrational, so thanks ladies, now I know I'm not being mad... just this site is now rubbish xxx
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