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Anyone taken Raspberry Leaf?


I have been reading up about raspberry leaf during the later stages of pregnancy. just wondering if anyone has taken it befor and if it helped?

vic x


  • EbansmummyEbansmummy Posts: 1,227
    Cant give advice on if its worked as im 34 + 2 and started taking it yesterday. I've read loads of womens comments after having it and they said it really helped in the second stages of pregnancy so fingers crossed. xx
  • Nicki-JadeNicki-Jade Posts: 914
    Hey there, I had it in my last pregnancy and will have it again this time around. You are not supposed to drink it until you are 32 weeks PG or past.

    There is a myth that it helps bring on labour, this isn't true however it contains many nutrients and vitamins that are good for you and baby. There is also an ingredient that helps tone the muscles in your uterus which can help towards a better more effective second stage of labour, your contractions do the job they are supposed to do basically.

    It is rather yummy and refreshing and I recommend it. I had a good labour but couldn't tell you if it was because of the tea, I will just be doing all I did the first time around to assist in hopefully another good labour.

    All the very best.

    NJ x
  • Thanks im 36 + 1 going to start drinking the tea.

    vic x
  • SamsmamSamsmam Posts: 191
    I drank it like it was going out of fashion in the last few weeks of pregnancy. It tasted horrible to me so I switched to raspberry leave capsules from the health shop, which were gigantic to swallow but were better than the tea! I was led to believe they'd help bring on labour but I was 11 days late by the time I had my little one...sure all the nutrients would have done me and baby some good though : )
  • Hi, I work in a shop that sells raspberry leaf tea, we are not allowed to sell it to any PG lady that isn't 35 weeks yet! like nickij01 said it helps to relax the muscles in later stages of labour, that is our official line i think? it can cause MC in early stages of PG. But generally it is considered good for all reproductive health, helping to regulate the menstrual cycles, give lighter periods and less pain! Having said all this my best friend had one cup and her waters broke, coincidence i guess, but its worth a try! lol xxx
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