coming off the pill!

Yay! Have just taken my final pill. Have been broody for 5 years (since i met my man who adores children and will make a fantastic dad) but we both have friends who complicated their lives with children before they were ready for them. We decided we needed to do all the things we wanted first so we'll have no regrets and will be financially and emotionally ready. We've been round the world, had lots of lovely times with no responsibility, bought a house and are having our dream wedding in july. I'm bridesmaid for my sis in august so don't ideally want ttc now (as might just get away with it as a bride, probably not as a bridesmaid!) but it feels like such an exciting step to just come off the pill and let me body regulate again. I've been on it for 12 years with only one year break some years ago, so i'm well aware it will probably take time. At least now I can start to chart when i might be fertile over next few months though. sorry, not much of a message really but just wanted to share it with you girls!image


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    That sounds so exciting. I hope it all goes very well for you and you can have a honeymoon baby! Good time to do it, you'll be so wrapped up in the wedding prep to be overly worried about your cycle.

    It's something that I would like to plan for. Did you speak to a nurse before coming off or planned it yourself?

    Good luck
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    Hi Sallylobbylove. Thanks for your lovely reply. Having a honeymoon baby would just be perfect. Think I might need to start thinking about eating better though during this time to push up my chances!My mum thinks I'll never have enough money or be old enough, but we're home owners and i'll be 30 in september, there are always reasons not to, and have been wanting a baby for 5 years! I don't crave going out drinking anymore, and have seen plenty of the world, been to uni twice, got a career, this seems a logical step.

    When were you thinking of trying for your baby? I went to the docs 6 months ago, and got six packets of pills. Was going to go back and get a couple more to tide me over to closer to the wedding, but then i read posts on here from people who didn't even ovulate for 6 months after they came off it. Before I was on the pill I remember often waiting 6 weeks for a period and being in agony when it came, so I think I might still have a long and irregular cycle, which will probably make things take longer. I work long shifts at funny times, hence don't always sleep and eat well. I'll be doing my best to look after myself better when we ttc but I just have a feeling it won't be quick. The girls on here also told me that coming off after so many years can give you awful cramping, bloating, moodiness etc etc. So hoping to get all those horrid symptoms out the way in time for july!

    It's lovely to feel like we can plan these things, but actually it's pretty hard to really plan the time right - babies come when they're meant to. Hard not to be preoccipied all the time once you decide you want one though! At least when we're actively ttc I'll already be armed with the knowledge of 3 or 4 cycles and how long they were.

    Good luck with your plans - hope you get your baby right when you want to! Some people are lucky, my friend got pregnant first month of trying with both her little girls.;)
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    I too have come off the pill 2 days ago. Just waiting for an AF now. I was on Cerazette and rarely had an AF anyway, which I was told i completely natural. We are going to TTC from July onwards. I cant wait. I also feel like we are doing something productive now, its so exciting.

    Good luck!! Xx
  • Hi ladies, Just wanted to butt in and wish u all the luck in the world in getting ur first proper af's soon, i have been waiting for 10 weeks now after coming of microgynon and have had lots of horrid symptoms, similar to PG symptoms, which has caused lots of confusion. really hope none of you have to go through it, so im sending u af dust, lol! xxxx
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    hello ladies,

    I have just stopped taking my pill aswelll. we got married march 20th 2weeks ago and have now decided to try for a baby image

    i stopped taking my pill on the monday 2days after our wedding and i got my period on the following sunday. not sure what happens next! we go on our honeymoon on sat 10th april 4 nights in new york and 10 nights in florida image ive been feeling really tired falling alseep all the time over easter weekend and waking up in the night boiling hot my husband had to go and sleep in the spare room!!! is this just side affects from stopping pill? i was on ovranette for about 8years if this helps!


  • jenjen23, I have been boiling hot in the night, very very tired, spotty, sore boobs, cramps, weeing alot, and some bleeding/spotting, nauseous, all this for the last two months+ since coming off the pill! all the can be PG symptoms too, but not for me, i have done 7 HPTs now all BFN's! just sit tight and wait for ur first proper af, i really hope it comes soon for u hun, have a wonderful honeymoon xx
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    Well I stopped taking the pill 3 days ago and had my AF now this morning. Praying i will be regular again straight away and not all messed up x
  • Thats ur withdrawl bleed love is in the air, i really pray u will get ur proper af in about 28 days time! xx wish u all the luck in the world x
  • I have 8 pills left before coming off now! Used to be a regular on here (got married last July). We have a lot going on this year (such as re-mortgaging - eek!) so aren't planning to start trying until around November time, but I wanted to give my body a proper chance to sort itself out. Hoping that will be long enough!

    Not looking forward to the side effects of coming off reading this! I've been on microgynon for 11 years...
  • I have 8 pills left before coming off now! Used to be a regular on here (got married last July). We have a lot going on this year (such as re-mortgaging - eek!) so aren't planning to start trying until around November time, but I wanted to give my body a proper chance to sort itself out. Hoping that will be long enough!

    Not looking forward to the side effects of coming off reading this! I've been on microgynon for 11 years...
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    Hi ladies, thank you for your lovely replies. Hoping you all get your baby's when you want them. Love is in the air - we came off the pill the same day, and both want to ttc from july onwards! Hope we both get pg quickly! Are you getting married in july as well? Jenjen 23 and Mrs Dykes - keeping everything crossed that those awful symptoms will become awful symptoms for a good reason soon (morning sickness maybe doesn't seem such an awful thing compared with pill withdrawal symptoms!) Will feel properly fed up if I don't ovulate for ages - it doesn't seem right that they let women stay on it for decades without telling us how it can affect fertility. They spend so long convincing you if you miss a single one you will get pregnant, easy as that! image
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    I got married in December 09 wilbur. We just want to get in a better financial situation before TTC, which we will by July. Good luck everyone xx
  • My doctor told me that my cycles would return to normal straight away, and could start ttc straight away! he is such a liar! I have recently found out that the official statistic is 0.1% of women dont get their first af 3 months after coming off the pill. im not convinced this is true as there is at least 4 of us on the forum that have been waiting nearly 3 months. i really hope none of u ladies have to join us in the waiting for af thread! good luck to u all xxx
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    Have you had any joy yet mrs dykes? When I came off the pill for six months 4 years ago I had irregular periods and I think I waited 6 weeks for the first one (but I was always hopelessly irregular anyway, have never really known when it would happen). I didn't worry about not having them as i never knew this could happen! But i do know im irregular and it may be hard to have a clue when the right time will be. I hope these days i'm a bit better, do you know if there's anything you can take to encourage a regular cycle? Have now had my last pill, had my withdrawal bleed and tomorrow will be the first official missed pill day. Hope I don't have to face all the horrible symptoms you have! All those things sound like a major build up of pre menstrual symptoms, hate to say it hun but when it happens think you will need to go to bed with painkillers and hot water bottle - I'm sure you'll just be over the moon anyway thoughimage
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    I came off pill on 1st april - the last day of honeymoon and had withdrawl bleed. Been REALLY tired and hot during the night and i'm assuming after reading this that that is side effects of coming off pill? i'm so confused with all this ovulation stuff. Been on ovaranette for 12 years we just said we'd wait and see what happens but its hard not noticing every single thing relating to getting pregnant and babies!!
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    i have not taken my pill since 3rd april,was bleeding from 6th for a few days.the past few days i have had really bad cramp,sore boobs and cant stop going to the toilet.i have had 2 kids already...almost 10 and 5.i was on the pill when i found out i was pg with both of them.are these pains normal for when you come off the pill,i have been taking it since i was 15 im now 28.

    just feel a bit tender....
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    I came off the pill around the name time as you, cant remember date exactly. I had my withdrawal bleed a few days after and as you have had some cramps, sore boobs. This only lasted a few days though, I feel back to my usual self now. Just waiting for my first proper AF. Hope you feel better soon x
  • Just finished my withdrawal bleed... countdown on for the first real period in 11 years!!!
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    hello, believe it or not ive just got back from our honeymoon and i got my period roughly the same time as my last so i think i must be regular. i had my withdrawral bleed after coming off ovranette in march and about the right time my period should be due it has just came image i feel fine its def a real period had hot flushes to start with and sore boobs but now im ok. does this mean im going to be regular?

  • jenjen25uk1jenjen25uk1 Posts: 356
    im confused!! any ideas anyone? xx
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    Hi, I too am hoping to start TTC in July! I am in a similar situation to you Wilbur in that I have been broody for ages but I so wanted to be in the best position possible to reduce the stress as much as I can. We have been married 2 years now but we couldn't afford to live together before we married so we wanted a couple of years just the two of us in our own home first. I am going on holiday on Monday which I am hoping(?) will be the last big holiday we will be able to do. I have to take anti malaria tablets for 4 weeks when i get back and my packet of the pill runs out just as i get back so the plan is to have that as the last one, wait until i can stop taking the malaria ones and around the same time I am HOPING i will have my first real AF! Then of course i will conceive straight away and have a baby around April which i think is a great month and we will live happily ever after! I can dream anyway image

    I spoke to the doctor a couple of months back and asked if i need to be doing anything in particular and the advice was just eat well, keep healthy yourself and wait until you have had your first real AF just so you can be sure you have missed one. I have also started taking folic acid tablets which you need to do when you start TTC although i am taking them early becasue i read somewhere the earlier you start the better it is for the baby. My doctor disagreed with that but he said it certainly wont hurt so i thought sod it, I will play the odds.

    I have to admit that i am confused about the whole cyle thing, you'd think at 27 I would understand it more but i dont. When in your cycle are you most fertile? And when does your cycle actually start - at the end of your AF? And how long until you can take a pregnancy test - are you suppose to just miss a period and then do a test?

    Sorry for the long post!
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    Hi Debbie G

    The average cycle is 28 days, day 1 being first day of period, day 14 being ovulation day (right in the middle) and day 28 being the day before your period comes. However - in the real world not many women run like clockwork!

    I only found out recently that the time between ovulation and your period is almost always 14 days - if your cycle is longer, its the bit between the end of your period and ovulation that can vary by quite a bit. And if you've been on the pill for years you need a few cycles before you can begin to make sense of when the right time might be - if your a 28 dayer, you should be fine! It should show up on a pregnancy test 14 days after you got pregnant, so around your period date (if you know it) should be fine.

    I used to be anything between 3 and 6 weeks and anything in between, so if i'm still that way won't have a clue!

    I've bought a clearblue fertility monitor, really for the reassurance of knowing that I'm definately ovulating, when I'm ovulating, so i can have sex at the right time and test at the right time! Not very romantic but want it to happen quick - like you say, getting pregnant straight away would do us just nicely!

    But other than that eating and sleeping well and folic acid are the only things you can do - someone in optimum health is much more likely to get pregnant. This also applies to the baby's dad! Waiting for first AF is just helpful for midwives planning your first scan, but as everyone in this country gets a dating scan anyway now i wouldn't worry too much about preventing it happening before then.

    I'm in my first cycle off the pill and ten days in I had a soreness low down on the left, a bit like it was bruised, stayed like that for 2/3 days. Am wondering if this was me ovulating, although it was early and am sure i never had this feeling before the pill? Also been aware of a lot more uterine twinges than normal and have slightly sore boobs. But no awful symptoms like some people have had.

    Keep in touch and best of luck at making a baby asap after july! xx
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    Thought i'd fill you girls in on my experience.

    I came off the pill in December, my first cycle was 47 days, then 37, then 33 and this one will be 30 based on the fact that i've just ovulated and my luteal phase is 14 days. The doctor said that this was fairly normal.

    I also know i've been ovulating for this cycle and the past 2 based on opks and pain.

    I definitely think it takes a few months to settle. In the first couple of cycles (when i don't think i ovualated) after coming off i had all the pregnancy symptoms you can imagine, ut we hadn't started trying so i knew i wasn't.

    I hope all you cycles settle down, but please don't worry if it doesn't happen straight away!
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    Hi girls,

    We're not ttc until we get married at the beginning of Nov, and I came off the pill in October (Microgynon) my first 4 Af's were between 31-35 days then my last AF was day 56!!! Eeeeak.

    Hoping this months will be in the 30s at least!

    I was panicking that i was pg last month and wondering what on earth we were going to do marriage wise.

    H2b casually said, don't worry we'll rearrange it all for a few months time!! image

    Turned out i wasn't pg and i was relieved and disappointed all at the same time!!!

    Good luck for all your regular AF's and TTC-ness!!

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    Hi Wilbur, Thanks for that, I honestly think that is the first time I have understood what happens to me every month! I was always very regular before the pill, down to about 2 days but they were really heavy and that was a long time ago so I know it doesn't mean it will be the same when I come off again. I know it is unlikely that it will be straight away to be honest too but it is a nice thought and there are worse things you could be doing with your time I guess!

    I wish I could have come off sooner but what with the holiday I wanted to have the control too, wish there was just a button you could press, do the deed and hey presto!
  • Alfie222Alfie222 Posts: 276
    Hopefully you'll stay regular! That will make life easier. Keep in touch as will be lovely to hear you are pregnant! Don't know if it's just that we are both excited about having a baby, but have found since coming off the pill we both want to have sex more! Think it has unleashed lots of hormonesimagewe did say we'd use condoms until the wedding but this is already waningimage i'd only be 14 weeks max, and find it so hard to believe it would happen so quickly. But have sworn i won't get my fertility monitor out the pack and start getting obsessed with my cycle just yet. image
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    lol wilbur - i said that, got married and it was straight out! Won't mention this to hubby as i its not very romantic especially for the men when their wife turns into monica out of friends lol. The advice on here is top notch - really made me feel at ease so thanks girls!
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    I came off Ovranette last july after 9 1/2 years and started taking Folic Acid straight away. Was never regular before so didnt expect to be afterwards - ended up between 5 and 6 weeks every month. Had no symptoms once i stopped, but no pregnancy either. Spoke to the doc and was told it can take 2 years to conceive after being on the pill, and just to "try lots and enjoy it".

    Decided to try some ovulation testing kits, which I got from Amazon (about £3 for 30 sticks), followed the instructions, pinpointed the day and now..... I'm 7 weeks pregnant! So if you really want to plan and be a bit "monica from friends" I'd try them. H2B was starting to feel pressure to perform every night, so this worked out for best for both of us as we knew when. Just that I'll need to buy another flowergirl dress or baby kilt for my wedding next May!

    Good luck to you aimagell!
  • agape42agape42 Posts: 73
    aw how cute would that be!! i'm actually bridesmaid for my friend next july so i'm kinda hoping it happens sooner or later - but i'll def take your advice and have a look on amazon! great idea!! thanks again!
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    Hi Mrs Pinky - I will most definately be getting my monitor out the box once i'm a married lady, a whole 12 weeks away and that's enough sex without worrying about conceiving ha ha! Nothing like peeing on a stick every morning during your honeymoon image Want the best chance of a honeymoon baby, andif it doesn't happen, I'm well aware that's normal. Looking forward to the sun, sea, sangria and sex with my new husband regardless! image
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