Trying for a baby in Oct 10

Hi ladies

I just wanted to see if there is anyone else planning to try for a baby in Oct 10. Me and h2b are getting married at the beg of Sept and then going on honeymoon and i will take my last pill at the end of the hol. Then we have decided not to put any pressure on ourselves and just carry on as we do and see what happens.

I'm going to start taking folic acid soon as then maybe some other suppliments nearer the time of trying, just to get my body as prepared as i can do.



  • mummy22ukmummy22uk Posts: 694
    Hi hun we are going ttc from August-September(getting married 4th Sept) I'm so broody I could cry!!haha. Dont want to start now as I'm looking forward to wearing my dress!xxx
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    I'm sooo broody too! A few of my friends have little ones and so does my sister-in-law and i love spending time with them. I just know my h2b will be a fantastic dad and just can't wait to start trying. We did originally think about trying for a baby before the wedding but decided to have an absolute blast on our honeymoon first and enjoy the all inclusive drink.

    Hope the wedding plans are going well. xxx
  • mummy22ukmummy22uk Posts: 694
    I dont really have a good excuse to be so broody as we have two already!A boy & a girl. It took about 3 months to fall with both of them so I'm hoping it will be around the same time though I know it dopesnt work like that!I started taking the folic acid as soon as I found out I was pregnant both times and continued for the first trimester. Def a great idea to get your body prepared. My mum is very nicely having the children so we can take a honeymoon. We chose Vegas & New York as they are the two places we really wanted to go (without the children!)So its going to be nonstop 8 day party haha!x
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    get married in aug hopeing 2 start tryin in july
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    Hi ladies

    It's all so exciting, but daunting all the same! Prob not so daunting for you mummy22 as least you know what to expect. You can talk us through it - lol.

    What a fab Mum you have to mind the children while you party hard on your honeymoon! I'm sure you'll have an amazing time.

    All this baby stuff is so confusing though. Some people are saying it's best to come of the pill a few months before trying, then the doc told me not to come off until i'm ready to try as straight after coming off the pill can be a really fertile time and i shouldn't waste it. I'm sticking with the latter just cos it fits into our plans better but it's hard to know what to believe. I've had two friends and a sister-in-law that fell within weeks of coming of the pill and one friend come of the pill about 6 months before trying and she's not fallen preganant yet. I suppose everyone is different. I would absolutely love to fall quickly so that i have a summer baby - can walk off all that baby weight! Lol.


  • Hi there,

    My names kat and we'll hopefully be trying for another in october! We got married in july 08 and have a daughter who will be 6 months old next sunday! Were wanting to try for another when millies is about a year old so theres about 2 years between them (it took us about 6 months first time after i came off the pill)

    Good luck everyone image
  • Hello!

    We are hoping to start trying around the end of October due to a busy year. Coming off the pill this week to give my body 6 months to try and recover from the 11 years I've been taking it!
  • mummy22ukmummy22uk Posts: 694
    racheybaby123 you know you are at your most fertile just after coming off the pill!you could well be pg before oct- how exciting!!!

    xlincbridex my mum is super cool!she actually went to Vegas for her honeymoon just last year!I really want to conceive so that i am due early summer or early autumn. Being pregnant in Spain in the sun is NOT fun. Was talking to DF last night and have worked out I am due on the week we are in Vegas arrrrrgggggh!I'm allergic to the pill so taking hormones to delay it wont work so he said why not start trying july-august!I would love too but our son is a March baby and our daughter April and I dont really want another one bang in the middle- its crowded as it is!xx
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    Hi ladies

    Mummy22 - Yeah see what you mean about being a bit crowded, and expensive. How annoying about being due on when you go to Vegas, is there nothing else the docs can give you to delay it? I take it you live in Spain? V nice!

    Racheybaby123 - I agree with mummy22, you may fall before you expect to, unless you use other protection of course. I take it from your photo you have already had your beautiful wedding day - when was it. Hope it all goes okay coming off you pill and things go back to normal quite quickly.

    yorkbutterfly27 & tina00 - hope it all goes well for you both.

  • Yep, we got married last July and it was the most amazing day ever, thanks!

    We are planning to use other protection until then as we are hoping to save some more money before then for mat leave etc, but if it gets missed, I won't be too dissappointed! xx
  • I'm getting married in October too and trying for a baby straight away. I've already bought The Baby Making Bible image
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    Hi ladies

    Racheybaby123 - i'm glad you had an amazing wedding day!

    Emmie33 - Are you on the pill at the mo and if so, when are you coming off it? What's 'The Baby Making Bible'? I'm curious.

    City Girl - Hope all your wedding plans are going well. It's not long now. I hope your baby plans work out well too.


  • Like Mummy22 I am getting married on 4th September and want to start ttc straightaway. I was on Depo Provera for 7 years and came off it over two years ago to give my body a rest. I'm glad I did as it took two years for my periods to come back, and after a lot of worry, hospital tests & scans they finally came back last November.

    How soon is everyone gonna start taking folic acid before they start ttc? Is there anything my h2b should take? I heard someone talk about BD on another thread but don't have a clue what that is! image

  • mummy22ukmummy22uk Posts: 694
    Hey girls- well it looks like I might have got my dates mixed up so may not be on whilst away and so can get straight on with the baby making!!image

    mrsashby2b i never took folic acid before falling pg but it can only help taking it whilst ttc!I know on BD is baby dance (basically having sex to conceive) x
  • Oh I see! Thanks for the info, there's so many abbreviations to learn! xx
  • I think you really should take folic acid 3 months before you TTC to ensure it is in your system and then so many months after you have concieved.

    We will be TTC in October and I have the baby making bible which is interesting. It uses Chinese methods and helps you work out your body type to help with conception. It's a bit lenghtly but there are some good points in there to help get your body ready, I don'[t think you can follow all the changes they suggest but some will be easy to do whilst stil living your life.

    I came off the pill 3 years ago (for various reasons) but we did TTC straight away, without timing, just having fun - as you do lol , however we have put it on hold about 12 months ago until the wedding in autumn this year and will start again in October.

    At the moment I am taking my temp every morning as my cycle was irregular after 15 years on the pill, but I am now more in tune with my body and cycle and things have calmed down stress wise (at work) and my cycle is pretty regular now.

    We are going to enjoy trying and see what the results are - honeymoon baby would be great, but we'll see.

    We have both changed our lifestyle to one which is healther which has helped with weight loss for the wedding which is a bouns.

    Good luck to everyone TTC in October xx
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    We're getting married at the beginning of Nov and I cant decide whether to TTC in Oct or leave it until Nov?! Or even Sept?!

    H2b can't wait, but recently i've been really worrying about how we'd cope with one income image

    Good luck girlies!!!! x
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