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confused! please help

Been ttc for 3 months. My period is 6 days late over the course of which I have taken 3 pregnancy tests but they are all negative... could it still be too early to tell or could something else be wrong? I was thinking of going to the doctors next week if no change.


  • N222N222 Posts: 460
    Is your cycle length usually the same each month? It depends what tests you have been using as some are more sensitive than others, however if you are definitely late then it should have picked up the hcg hormone - there have been some ladies who have got negatives when they're actually pregnant though. You could also go to the doctors and ask for a blood test to confirm if you're pregnant or not.
  • my friend got negatives up until she was 9 days late then finally got her positive! i think in some women the hcg level doesn't rise as fast as in others so it can take longer to detect on a pregnancy test. there is still hope and i hope it is good news for you! x
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    thanks for the feedback. Sadly I got my period yesterday - a week late which is very unusual for me. So I guess I have to keep trying. This last month I also used those ovulation tests and it did not show up any day that was more fertile than another....does this mean Im not ovulating? Im going to try again this month and if no change then go to the docs.
  • N222N222 Posts: 460
    Oh that's a shame. Did you take an ov test every day or just around when you thought you might be ov? The first month I used ov tests I used for 14 days in a row and it didn't who up. The next month I started from CD10 and then just kept going and got a positive on CD 21, about two days after I stopped using them the month before. I also bought cheap strips from amazon because the clearblue ones were going to cost me a fortune, although it is nice to see the smiley face when it's positive! So you could just be ovulating later in your cycle than you thought - which would also make sense if your AF waws around a week later this month.
  • debs26debs26 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the advice. Ive got the clear blue ovulation sticks which I will use again this month - is it better to invest in a digital monitor? as the sticks run out after 6 or 7 and are costing me alot anyway. I will keep going later in my cycle this time. I dont really understand that much about ovulating - I definitely have ovulated in the past as I was pregnant 4 years ago (different relationship)- I'm 34 and my now husband is 45 so time is not so much on out sides anymore but can ovulation just stop?
  • N222N222 Posts: 460
    The ov strips that I bought from Amazon were 30 for about £5. Sorry, can't remember the name but look for ones that are highly sensitive. The CBDM has worked really well for some ladies, not so well for others. It can be really expensive too. I'd suggest trying cheap ov strips to begin with for a month and see how you get on. I still double checked if it looked like I was ov with a CB ov test just to get the smiley face too. Don't worry, it's unlikely that you've stopped ov, just that it's earlier or later in your cycle. Good luck
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    Ah i'm sorry it wasn't a BFP hun. I'm on my second month.

    I haven't been sure of my cycle length since coming off the pill, so used opks last month just so that i had an idea when to expect my period to show up. I used cheapie opks all month and didn't have a single positive, just a slightly stronger lines for a few days. A friend bought some CB tests and fell pregnant before she used them, so gave them to me. I had a feeling i was about to ovulate so did a CB test - I was spot on and had a smily that day, and one the next. The cheapie ones were still negative!!!

    I had my AF exactly 14 days after i thought i ovulated (the day of the second smiley). So i'm pretty sure that they were right, in which case the cheap opks didn't detect my hormone surge.

    I'm not planning on using them this month as i had other signs that gave it away, so going to go by them. My nipples were really sore, i had lots of CM and my ovaries were quite painful.

    Good luck, hopefully we'll both get bfps this month!
  • debs26debs26 Posts: 4
    Thanks for letting me know. Im new to this site and not sure about all the abbreviations, what does OPKS stand for and OB tests? I know what AF means but cant for the life of me think what it actually stands for?

    Any help welcomedimage
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