Pram Colour Help!!!

Hi Ladies

I'm thinking of going for the iCandy Peach, but am having a dillemma over the colour. I think I prefer the blue & green colour but worried if I have a girl the colour choice will be odd (don't know whether I'm having a boy or girl). My husband also prefers the blue & green but thinks it'll be ok regardless of boy or girl.

The other option would be black, but think that's a bit dull, so wondering what other people think?!


  • Nicki-JadeNicki-Jade Posts: 914
    Hi there Vegasbaby!

    I am expecting my second, is this your first or second child?

    I like to pass on my experiences of pushchairs and cannot advise expectant parents enough to try and stay away from black or dark colours, in the summer, your baby gets so hot as the black conducts the heat of the sun light, caused us a huge worry with the first but we are getting a totally new pushchair (first one was rubbish too!) so I would recommend you go for the blue/green colour you like.

    Way too much colour is put onto the sex of your baby, yes I think its nice, I am expecting another boy and he will likely be dressed in blue fairly often but apparantly a long time ago blue used to be the colour for girls, I really don't think it matters hun and if you have a girl, there are such cute clothes out there for them in allsorts of colours including blue!

    I have to say I do think that a lot of the pushchair manufacturers are quite restrictive on their colour choices though!

    I hope this helps.

    NJ x
  • EbansmummyEbansmummy Posts: 1,227
    I think the sweetpea colour way on the icandy is gorgeous for both girls and boys. I dont think that anyone places much opinion on what baby is in the buggy with what colour it is. I know what you mean about plain black prams, its nice to have something with a bit of colour in it. We know we are having a boy and got the mamas and papas skate in indigo denim on the outside and its a light grey on the inside with multi coloured stripes so if we do end up having a girl it wont make much difference. My hubby had me worried over the changing bag of all things. I wanted one that was nice for me so I didnt have to take a handbag out as well but he said as we were having a boy I couldnt have one that was to girly as it was his bag. I couldnt find any I liked in a blue or boyish colour and didnt want plain black but found a lovely mamas and papas one in cream with red spots but was so worried before it came that everyone would think baby was a girl but like the lovely ladies on here said, im carrying not my baby. When it came I was so happy with it I didnt care and even hubby said it was nice. I think as long as you are happy with your colour choice then go for it. No one is going to automatically think its a boy just cause the pram is blue. xxx
  • RhubarbulousRhubarbulous Posts: 1,989
    Yes go for what you like not what you think you should have. We're stuck with a black Bugaboo, because we were given it very cheaply by an aquaintance, but if I had my choice I would have gone with a nice green one (and probably not a Bugaboo!). We're having a girl too, and the absolute last thing I intended to do was go with vile pink stereotyping. At least black is neutral I suppose, although I am worried about the heat thing. Much rather have green.

    Mossy's Missus - I'm so with you on the changing bag thing! Why are they all covered with schlocky babyish patterns? As you say, it's not the baby that's lugging it around! I shall be getting a nice stylish adult one, not a pooh bear in sight. Ugh.
  • SarahSukSarahSuk Posts: 1,667
    I bought the Icandy Cherry in Fudge ~ I love it ! go for what you want hun ! I really don't think it matters to much, blue and green sounds fine x
  • emsyjemsyj Posts: 3,807
    I'm expecting a girl and we've bought the Mutsy 4Rider single spoke in College Green. I wanted something neutral and I think green is very neutral, and a bit brighter than black. I'd go for the colours you like.
  • Thanks for all the advice, have decided you're right & am going to go with the sweetpea.

    NJ this is my first which is probably why im so paranoid.

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