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BFP & Cramps

I got a BFP on the weekend (a bit of a formality as I 'knew' it was) - have boobs that should be awarded their own postcode, am generally tired, heartburn (which I have never had before) and a general feeling akin to being slightly hungover (a bit tired, headachy and nauseous) BUT what is concerning me a bit is i am getting vague cramps.

I have read all the online advice and it seems cramping is normal - its only mild and occasional - but am just wondering if anyone else has had it?

I was absolutely fine until i showed Mr Smilesnine the test result and have since spiralled into panic about things going wrong...


  • its normal,my first pregnancy i had the worst af cramps ever,i was bending over double and nreathing throw the pain but my second pregnancy i had nothing,no symptoms whats so ever

  • smilesninesmilesnine Posts: 275
    Thanks Sarah - It seems to be the rule that every pregnancy is different.

    My cramps are not bad at all - its the indigestion that is the most annoying. I have never had it before and now all of a sudden, every afternoon i am full of it. Rubbish!
  • lani_burnslani_burns Posts: 147
    I had cramps a few days leading up to my period due date, then I got BFP and had cramps on and off for at least 2 weeks afterwards. It is completely normal and you should only worry if they become very painful and you bleed as well.
  • H2TAandbeanieH2TAandbeanie Posts: 1,751
    hiya, im in first trimester around 7-10 weeks pregnant, not seen midwife yet so dont know.

    I have cramping on and off.. I spoke to midwife over phone as I was worried but she says so long as there is no blood or dark discharge then its completely normal even if uncomfortable.

    it makes me worry though and im constantly checking when I go to toilet to see if everything is okay. cant wait for my midwife app on the 24th May

    good luck

  • smilesninesmilesnine Posts: 275
    Lol - i am checking in the loo too!

    I have a Drs app on 4 May - i reckon i will be 7 weeks on Monday, so 8 weeks at Drs app.

    To be fair - the cramping seems to have almost stopped now, to be replaced by a constant feeling of nausea (but no actual sickness).

    Have you guys told anybody yet?

  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152
    I got this too, up until about 8 weeks I think.

    Seems to be totally normal & a very commom sign of pregnancy.

    I'm 35+5 today and **knock-on-wood** things have gone fine so far!
  • AnnaNicole1AnnaNicole1 Posts: 2,435
    Oh i remember those cramps..

    I didn't know i was pregnant and thought i had a severe infection or something! I couldn't move, speak, or even open my eyes, they were pretty bad and was rushed to the maternity unti as an emergency as they thought i was having an ectopic, but luckily and thankfully i wasn't and didnt. Even now when i move i get a cramp like when u twist to far or something. It is all normal in pregnancy, but if u start to bleed or ur pain gets so severe u can't move please seek help image x
  • AnnasMummyAnnasMummy Posts: 367
    I have been having that. Its a weird sensation, almost like if you had been exercising? I am in paniuc as I always thought I would struggle to conceive due to my period problems!

    I also keep checking the toilet, in last couple of days my sickness has settled down although still occasional nausea. I have been gettin corkers of headaches in the afternoons!

    I reackon Im somewhere between 7-10 weeks I think and just realised I have known for a whole week now.

    Im desperate to tell everyone but I want to hang off just in case. Thought I wait til 12 weeks but Its my hen night in 3 weeks so not sure if Ill make it that far before everyone guesses!

    Has everyone else told people yet?x

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