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can't wait

Is anyone else really imaptient waiting to ttc. We started ttc last year december until feb and stopped noe due to other commitments (relocating house in august) I have to quit my job and the list goes on plus we didn't really want a december baby (not that it would of happened fo sure, but decided to avoid) anyway, hubby has agreed to start again in july, but the waiting is killing me!

Anyone else waiting...image


  • JvLwithBabyBoyJvLwithBabyBoy Posts: 2,740 New bride
    yes. but ill be waiting longer as im doing a phd and its prolly best to finish that first before having a baby. waiting is awful though. xx
  • SlebsSlebs Posts: 205
    Why dont you want a baby in December? I had my little boy on Xmas Day and it was the most special, amazing experience ever. I dont think you should say when you want one and when you dont considering the millions of women out there who are desperate to have a baby ANY month of the year.
  • H2TAandbeanieH2TAandbeanie Posts: 1,751
    its a bit strange that you want a baby desperately yet are trying to choose the month you give birth.

    we are due in December and are over the moon.

    good luck whatever you decide.
  • I came off the pill in feb and got my BFP on sat - we are over the moon, didn't think it would happen so soon but we can't wait we are due 1st Jan!! My hubby's b'day is the week before christmas and my mum's boxing day and they both love it - in fact my hubby really wanted a baby born around christmas - I guess he's got his wish!! Congratulation's everyone!!
  • Reeny74Reeny74 Posts: 190
    Congratulations to all of you ladies expecting!

    Don't get me wrong if it was to be and baby was due in december I'd be very happy (in fact my close friend had her little boy on xmas day last year)it was lovely fo her.But if I did have a choice, I'd try and avoid.

    Under my circumstances I just need to be patient some more and wait. We are relocating (international move)

    I belive baby will come when it wants to come anyway.

    But I do know that I am not the only woman who had avoided one month of the year (I'd like to think that in civilised society we are allowed to make some choices)

  • RhubarbulousRhubarbulous Posts: 1,989
    Mrs Wright - of course you are 'allowed' to make some choices. I am very happy I am having a summer baby and if I was still TTCing I would probably have a break in the same way you are, as I have friends with Christmas/New Year birthdays and they all think it's rubbish, without exception. Ignore the pontificating and good luck when you start TTCing again. x
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