i get married in aug this yr was all excited about planning but now i done most of planning i thinking about ttc

every were i go i see babies an mums 2 b i decided not 2 ttc til july but its all i can think about

anyone else feel same


  • Hello, i feel the same.

    Im a step mum of 2 young kids, 6 people are work are expecting and so are 3 of my friends.

    Were also getting married in Aug and i take my last pill the day after the wedding. So i really cant wait but it still seems like ages away .

  • tina00uktina00uk Posts: 197
    im counting the days
  • aug2010brideaug2010bride Posts: 1,448
    we get married in aug and we are having fun
  • tina00uktina00uk Posts: 197
    sending alot of baby dust 2 u mrslharvey2b i waiting a lil bit longer its killing me good luckx
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